Small Design House From NC Has Heads Turning In Italy

David gazing at Bark Subway tile wall panels

With Men’s Fashion Week in Italy quickly approaching, one House has more than heads turning in the Design World.  We are giving you front row access to what we are sure will be known as “a fresh expression of a beloved classic”.  Fashion and Architecture are two favored examples of high design.  So, we took our new architectural wall covering: Bark House® Subway Tile to the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence.  This is the home of one of Italy’s most iconic sculptures,  Michelangelo’s David.  The “breakout moment” occurred when the statue of David appeared to turn for an improved view of the back wall.

Crowd Views New Bark Wall Treatment

This is Bark House’s runway showing for their fabulously textured interior wall covering.  Muted natural hues of taupe with variations in brown and grey, inspires visionary Designers from classic to modern to create break-out moments for their own clients.  The haute styling was inspired by the beloved subway tile.  Of course Italy is the leader of luxurious tiles but it is London that holds the position of having the first application of the traditional ceramic subway tile.  The American love affair with the subway tile occurred in New York whose underground system was the sixth installation in the world, with London being the first in 1863.  This Old House notes “From the moment that ceramic subway tiles made their debut in New York City’s subterranean train stations in the early 1900s, they captured the public’s imagination and quickly moved into the bathrooms and kitchens of prewar houses for both practical and aesthetic reasons.”   America has loved them ever since.  From couture centers in London and Paris to New York, the subway tile connected form and function to reflect light and denote stations in a clean, ordered presentation.  With this new design, we are freeing the subway tile to cover great halls, museums, personal residence and beyond.

This clean presentation is accomplished with renown Bark House® 3-D luxurious textures.  In keeping with the brand’s reputation, the application was strategically designed so that a lesser prominent thickness of yellow poplar RAW™ (Recycled Appalachian Wood Waste) could be utilized.  This creates more opportunity in the region of the Appalachians where the material is exclusively sourced and meticulously hand-crafted.  But the genius of the product is in its simple, raw beauty that intrinsically connects man and nature.

Subway Tile Meets Bark House Style

The backdrop is particularly fitting as it places the statue of David as the “model” for this blog.  From our perspective David represents the small, independent, authentic business battling a larger, entrenched system multiplied in plastic form.  David’s is a story about balance, power and perspective.  The norm has been that new design with exclusive attribute follows established pathways from fashion capitals (Italy, London, New York) toward a stage of mass world admiration.  If we had to wait on that to actually happen at the Bark House®, our train may have never left the station.

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