Bark House

As our customer, you want to know that you can rely on us today and tomorrow.  You want to know that our staff is experienced and knowledgeable.  Often, you need depth and perspective to guide the process of working with non-standard materials in new and innovative ways. You want to know that when we give our word, you can count on what we say.

Below is an introduction to our expert staff.  We invite you to review the testimonials given throughout this site to see what others say about us.  Please feel free to send in your comments as we love to hear from you.

Meet the Company Founders

Bark House shingle siding expert crew team member(s):Marty

Marty McCurry

Marty is the powerhouse of the company. It is because of his knowledge, creativity and unrelenting drive that the bark shingle industry exists. Marty follows a material from a pre-designed concept to the final refinement of a marketable product. This process begins with identification of material for product potential, moves to design and manipulation, then engineering of specialized manufacturing equipment and ends with the final say on promotional activities. Marty is a licensed building contractor with 30 years of rustic design experience and education in architecture and chemical engineering.

Bark House shingle siding expert crew team member(s):Chris

Chris McCurry

Chris is a business and social entrepreneur whose true passion is Systems Theory and Regenerative Design.  McCurry’s focus on “wholistic” approaches that consider the interaction between human and environment is evident in her work with Bark House® design, in staff or community development, and in creating new processes.  Chris is the co-author of Bark House Style: Sustainable Designs from Nature, published by Gibbs Smith. She is the company’s visionary who has had the responsibility to manifest what others have considered impossible.

Team Members Include

Bark House shingle siding expert crew team member(s): Ryan

Ryan Crawley, Sales Manager

Ryan feels right at home with Highland Craftsmen’s natural connection. That’s because he has already hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, managed a low-impact wilderness school for teens, and worked with the U.S. Forest Service. Ryan and his wife intensely train for distance running events, and that “extra mile” attitude will always surface in his professional career as he services your orders and inquiries.

Bark House shingle siding expert crew team member(s):Matt

Matt Garrett, Operations Manager

Educated in Wildlife Biology and Environmental Science, Matt’s career began in the Rocky Mountains where he specialized in wetland and streamside habitat conservation. After moving back to Carolina to raise his family, he ran a department in his family’s furniture manufacturing company before becoming a licensed General Contractor. As a builder, Matt was a loyal customer of ours before being recruited to join our team. In addition to Sales, Matt also heads our Custom Fabrication Shop.

Bark House shingle siding expert crew team member(s): Travis

Travis Oglesby, Yard Manager

You will usually hear Travis before you see him as this former drill sergeant’s booming baritone voice gives you a preview of the big frame and the big personality that comes with it. Being a former State Champion Wrestler and Highland Games winner, it’s common to see him throwing around logs as easily as he used to do with people. He is a dedicated manager and a natural leader. As important as he is to us for running the yard, he also brings many other talents to our company. Travis is an accomplished artist in many disciplines, and is currently focused on his incredible skill and craft with woodcarving.

Marmon Thompson, Log, Pole and Twig Procurement

A former city arborist with a degree in forestry, extensive training in horticulture and park management, and years of experience in the field, Marmon is considered an authority on Appalachian wood species. He maintains Highland Craftsmen’s inventory of twigs, poles, and logs, making sure that the stock is uniform despite all the possible variations. When not being bombarded by the main office, he manages a family farm and his own thriving native plant nursery.

Bark House shingle siding expert crew team member(s):Michele

Michele Camp, Office Manager

Michele has had over 25 years experience managing offices in an array of disciplines from property management to civil engineering and bank corporate real estate to architecture.  Throw in a stint as a wine store owner – where she realized she much rather be running an office than a cash register – and you have someone who can keep things organized and running smoothly no matter what the provocation.