Bark House

We’ve been making natural poplar bark shingles since 1990.  After five years of intensive Research and Development, we were consistently manufacturing and selling our flagship product in the local market.  In 2000, we purchased a badly neglected gas station in the heart of the downtown area of Spruce Pine, which is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  After several expansions, purchasing additional properties and remediating multiple Brownfield sites, we piece-milled together the three acres that our operations currently reside on.  It’s astounding that we can do so much with such a small footprint.  Our manufacturing facility literally backs up to a sleepy residential area on one side of the road, and a commercial district on the other.  Site planning included ways to buffer our neighbors from noise and visual intrusion as well as creative ways to manage ground water runoff from rainfall.  Significant site excavation, multiple layers of native plantings and tons of mountain boulders were a part of the creation of our facility grounds.  Restoration continues, even today.    

We quickly became recognized for the quality of the products we produce, our integrity, community mindset and focus on natural materials.  We create long-lasting architectural products of superior craftsmanship.  We handcraft and field test our products in the four season mountain climate of North Carolina, ever diligent to monitor installations going to different climatic zones.  After 25 years, we’ve got a lot of research, testing and experience under our belts. 

We invite you to take a facility tour and watch us in action.  We source 95% of our RAW™ (Reclaimed Appalachian Wood Waste) materials from a 50 mile radius, and make all the products on-site.  Tours are available by appointment only and allow you to meet our crew, the vendors, other clients and get an inside look at where the bark shingle movement and “BARKitecture” all began.

Bark House shingle siding expert crew team member(s): Marty