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Architectural Solutions

Bark House uses reclaimed tree bark to craft stunning, aesthetically diverse interior and exterior solutions for architects and green builders. We offer a variety of high-end products that are ideal for both rustic and luxury designs, as well as commercial buildings and residential properties. If you have any questions regarding our reclaimed wood architecture solutions, application, installation, or materials please contact us – our team of experts will gladly assist you.

Design Categories

3D Wall Panels

Our 3D textured wall panels create a multi-dimensional look and feel that will bring your space to life. Bark House’s 3D options include poplar shingles and panels, yellow birch veneer laminates, and poplar end cuts and poles from our Bark2 collection.

Wall Coverings

Designer wall coverings and textured wall panels will completely transform an interior space, creating either a uniform finish, or outstanding focal point. In this category, we offer interior-grade poplar shingles and panels, as well as white birch, white pine, cherry (bark and leather) veneer laminates.


Many Bark House products, including bark veneer laminates and poplar panels, can be applied as ceiling treatments to create designs that are both simple and sleek, as well as complex and awe inspiring.

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