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Bark & Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Panels

A unique and well-crafted ceiling design is truly the high point of any space. It is one of the design features observers least expect, yet marvel at the sight of. And whether you are working with a complex elevation or simple surface, our luxury wooden ceiling designs can provide the Architectural Solution necessary to fulfill your vision.

Bark House manufactures paneling using recycled tree bark as well as wood. While bark and wood technically differ in composition, they share a natural aesthetic that is stunning from the ground up.

Ceiling Paneling Ideas

Bark House products are used by architects, designers, green builders, and homeowners alike. With our variety of natural textures, colors, and patterns, you are sure to find a product that suits your project’s needs, regardless of shape, size, or style.

Textured Ceiling Panels

Make a statement and highlight dimension with our textured ceiling options. These products include Poplar Shingles and Panels, our collection of recycled Logs, Poles, and Twigs, and some 3D designs from our Bark2 product line.

Laminate Ceiling Panels

Our Bark Veneer Laminate products offer the most diverse selection of color and pattern, including the crispness of white birch, the golden bronze of yellow birch, the fiery red of cherry, and the leathery shimmer of white pine. The laminate sheets are also extremely pliable, making them an excellent solution for complex curves and shapes.

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Panels for Renovations

Bringing a fresh look to an old space is often challenging, especially when the architecture itself does not suit the new design. Still, there are ways to get creative and make a big impact without the need to restructure. For example, if you are renovating a space with a coffered ceiling, try inserting bark panels in the recessed areas. Furthermore, for vault-like surfaces, consider installing flexible veneer laminate sheets instead of trying to reshape.

To better understand how our luxury wooden ceiling designs can enhance your current or upcoming design projects, we encourage you to contact our team of product experts.


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