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Designer Laminate Wall Coverings

We see an unfinished wall as a blank canvas, awaiting adornment that will define and beautify its every inch. And while coatings, artwork, and fabrics have their function in certain aesthetics, our designer laminate wall coverings are crafted to bring architectural design to another level of luxury, whether rustic, modern, or somewhere in between.

Wall Paneling Options

Bark House offers textured wood paneling pieces that are designed to function as residential and commercial wall coverings. Our products are diverse and highly adaptable in an effort to provide high-end solutions for architectural, building, or design project needs. We offer:

Textured Wall Coverings

Our textured wood paneling includes interior grade poplar shingles and poplar bark panels that maintain both the look and feel of preserved tree bark. For our customers who love that look but would like something a little more unique, we have created a new product, poplar subway tree bark wall tiles, which combine the classic, clean look of subway tiles with the 3D texture of nature.

Veneer Laminate Wall Panels

Our Bark Veneer Laminates are the most versatile design solution that we offer. Apply the natural look and texture of white birch, yellow birch, fire cherry, pin cherry leather, and white pine bark to almost any wall shape or size.

Recycled Wood Paneling

The Bark House mission is rooted in sustainability. We use only recycled bark, wood, and other tree parts to craft products that embrace natural beauty. While many of our recycled wood wall coverings showcase various species of tree bark, we also manufacture Live Edge Slabs and an assortment of Logs, Poles, and Twigs that contain both bark and wood in their aesthetic.

Creative Wall Treatments

Some of our most unique paneling designs are part of our Bark2 product line. These life-like, 3D panels make for stunning interior wall treatments and decorative wall coverings.

For Ordering or Assistance

Please contact our product experts for ordering and/or with any questions you may have regarding our wall covering options.


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