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3D Wood Wall Panels: A Captivating Design Solution

Are you searching for a unique aesthetic with enough visual prominence to redefine a space? Bark House 3D wood wall panels, crafted from recycled tree bark, may be the high-end architectural solution you need.

Bark House 3D panels are created to fit commercial and residential designs, as well as interior and exterior applications. Available in diverse natural textures and colors, our panels are suitable for rustic, modern, or other aesthetic tastes. From exterior bark shingles to veneer reclaimed wood wall coverings, Bark House 3D products adorn storefronts, corporate offices, restaurants, small business, historical buildings, and residences alike. 3D panels are especially unique for their ability to capture both the look and feel of harvested bark, thus creating a captivating design feature you can admire from afar or run your fingers across. All Bark House products can be custom ordered to fit the specifications of your architectural design. The following are our current 3D wall paneling selections:

Bark2 – For 3D Wood Panels

We developed Bark2 to create the ultimate in three-dimensional wall paneling. Whether you choose to apply bark, twigs, poles, end cuts, or a combination, these panels will bring your design surface to life. Bark2 products are available as individual units, making it easy to adorn an entire wall, or to create a minimal design feature. We also offer custom orders of any of the materials or cuts you see on the Bark2 product page.

Poplar Bark Shingles and Panels – For 3D Wall Cladding

With deep furrows and pronounced shadow lines, our Poplar Bark Shingles can transform the interior or exterior of any structure into a timeless piece of art. These 3D shingles are maintenance free, allowing such beauty to last a lifetime.

Similarly, our Poplar Panels bring a unique, identifying texture to ceilings, cabinetry, wall coverings, or any other design installment of your choice. Both products are available in standard and premium options and are handcrafted and sustainably harvested.

Yellow Birch Bark Veneer – For 3D Textured Walls

The golden color and earthy texture of Yellow birch makes it the prime 3D option from our Bark Veneer Laminates product line. This seemingly delicate bark exudes a joyous glow that brightens the entire space. When compared to any other reclaimed wood wall coverings, yellow birch will truly shine.

Questions Regarding Bark House 3D Wood Wall Panels?

Our expert team is here to assist you and provide detailed information on all products mentioned here or across the Bark House collection. Do not hesitate to contact us during any phase of your project.


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