How to Choose Split Rail Fence Materials for Sustainable Architecture & Design

The traditional art of the split rain fence is not lost. Here's how to choose split rail fence materials that honor the past while regenerating the future.
Picture an idyllic pastoral farm or historic battlefield outlined by a time-worn rustic fence. It’s a design element that pays tribute to our American heritage, celebrating and remembering the painstaking labor that once went into the traditional art of split rail fencing. Appreciating one of these historic fences is one thing, but incorporating one into … Continued

Considering the Principles of Regenerative Design for Your Project

While sustainable building materials are often put forth as an eco-friendly solution, it takes more—a regenerative practice—to deliver on that promise.
An increasing number of designers and architects want to bring sustainable and regenerative concepts to their luxury architecture and interiors, both to create groundbreaking projects and to have a developmental impact. But what exactly does regenerative design mean? How do we begin to consider the regenerative capacity of our projects? The nature of regenerative design is to … Continued

Bark House Dives Deeper Into Regenerative Development with Regenesis

We are excited to be working with Regenesis, a world leader in the field of regenerative development. Thought leaders at Regenesis are coaching us in deepening our commitment as Regenerative Practitioners, as well as further enlivening the work of the  Regenerative Source Guild of the Blue Ridge . As passionate as we are about regenerative development, we know that undertaking projects can be complex and … Continued

How Do I Take Sustainable Interior Design to the Next Level?

Bark House Tulip Poplar exterior bark shingle siding
The sustainable interior design industry is changing to be more environmentally friendly and more informed about manufacturing practices. As the buying power of Millennials and Generation Z consumers grows, so too does the importance of their expectation for luxury brands to share their personal values, including patronage of sustainable and/or socially conscious brands and products. PHOTO CREDIT:  … Continued

We Can Do Better Than Sustainable Building Materials

We Can Do Better Than Sustainable Building Materials
For those seeking better than sustainable materials, the good news is that regenerative materials are here! Everyone seeks to be better or do better or give better. We also want the power of our investments to produce better outcomes. The promise that sustainability would produce “better” has stalled in recent years. Sustainability is defined as … Continued

Welcoming Brody Watson to the Bark House Team!

Bark House is proud to add Brody Watson to our team as Head of Sales. A Western North Carolina native, Brody earned his MBA at Appalachian State University. His interest in eco-friendly business practices that uplift the local Appalachian community and environment is well-aligned with Bark House’s regenerative design mindset. He looks forward to drawing from his construction, business … Continued

You’re Cutting It Close

Inspiration: poplar pole end-cut panel as a fireplace insert
3 – Products To Get You In The Mood For Christmas – Naturally IDEAS FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS DECORATING! Everything is Custom Order to Your Specification Poplar Pole End-Cuts as a Fireplace Screen   Wood Splits For A Rustic Option     Bark Boxes For Whimsical Detail   Share Images Of Your Bark House Christmas #barkhousechristmas