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Bark2 Designer Wall Panels, Bark Veneers and Architectural Panels

Bark2 provides design solutions that support maximum creativity without the hassles and learning curves of organic material fabrication. Our hand-crafted modular wall system integrates into small or large spaces in commercial or residential applications.  Bark2 simplifies the process so you save time and money while assuring the consistent Bark House quality and beauty.

The initial idea came from our desire  to recycle small parts from twigs and poles to create larger dimensional modules that are prefinished and ready to mount.  To broaden design possibilities, we included our bark laminates in the palette.

Any combination of patterns can be custom made to your specifications. Know that every element of a finished panel is sustainably harvested. Know that every piece is selected, processed, and finished by hand. OUR hands.

This is a complete wall system that puts the fun back in designing because the hassles of fabrication have been taken care of.  We aim to help architects, designers and building owners respond to client’s needs by providing the highest quality natural wall textures that can be found.


All Treatments Are Available As CUSTOM SIZED ORDERS

Maximum and minimum panel sizes vary per style due to material properties, limitations, and weight

LOOK for individual panel design pages coming soon.

Our staff will assist you in creating your own unique system. Every element… bark, twig, pole of each raw material species that we use has its own distinct properties. We translate our knowledge of this to allow you to make the most efficient as well as inspired decisions.

Due to the varying weight, length, and thickness between wall panel styles, installation instructions are specific to the finish design. Our technical support staff will work with you to pick the simplest and most cost effective means of attachment once your finish design is approved.

To discuss how our Bark2 can enrich your design goals, contact our team of product experts.


“I have never seen anything like it and it garners more comments than any other feature in my bar. I can’t believe the quality of craftsmanship and the durability of the installation. I have many works of art in my bar and this is the best. The commitment to service and professionalism at Bark House is second to none. I wish I could cover every wall with their work.”


Chef Nate Allen
Spoon Bar
Spruce Pine, NC


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"Quality is not a goal here… It’s a way of life."

Marty McCurry