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Home is Where Hygge is


“Do you know what ‘Hygge’ is?” Raika who works with our German Distributor – Freund asked.  “It is very important to people here.”

It can be described as the notion that returning to nature is akin to coming home.  Bringing nature inside maintains that deep sensation of connectedness that begs a weary soul to relax .  Variations of muted tones, a soft aroma of sweet trees and textures with complex patterns that only nature can produce – Bark House speaks Hygge: The Danish Secret to HappyLiving.

The World Happiness Report has the Danes ranked number one and their practice of Hygge quickly gaining worldwide recognition.  One of the most basic tenants to Hygee is the appreciation of nature and natural elements.  “Hygge is a sensory-driven experience. You should taste it…

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Think of the bark on a tree.  When it cannot grow straight, it twists and becomes gnarled – struggling to protect the life underneath from this world.
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“Regenerative development is a process by which cities, towns, and other human communities bring themselves back into life-giving alignment with the ecological systems that support them. As a practice, it seeks to create a built environment and human systems that are capable of co-evolving with nature.”
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