How Will The Bark House Stack Up – May 2018

Bark House Natural Bark Wall Panels, Shingles, Large Sheets

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How Will The Bark House Stack Up  For Brother vs. Brother on HGTV?

MAY 2018

The sixth season of Brother vs. Brother pits Jonathan and Drew Scott against each other as they put their home renovation and real estate skills to the test. From demolition to sale, the guys buy two fixer uppers and renovate every room with their own money and sponsor support.  Each week, Jonathan and Drew will progress through each room in a series of home improvement challenges.  One of the brothers chose to integrate Bark House poplar wall coverings as a feature in one of the rooms.  Which brother chose to work with Bark House?

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Earth Elements Celebrates Grand Opening Of Fifth Store

Earth Elements has been a distributor of Bark House products for nearly five years with locations in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.


Businesses with Values

As a family-owned business, it is important to build the right relationships with clients, employees, the community and with other businesses.  We would like to congratulate New Resources Bank of San Francisco on their merger with the larger Amalgamated Bank.

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