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May, 2017


A Private Montana Fishing Estate

The Mystique of White Birch Bark

White Birch Logs

The bark of the white birch tree rises to the designer’s eye in a play that seems to have had intention.  Captured in ancient lore, this tree is said to have “eyes” that served as guides along arduous mountain journeys so that any traveler would be seen safely home.  The trunks and branches of the White Birch stand out strongly in the shadow of the forest.  The white column of bark provides a contrast to the strong colors of flowers and foliage.  There are not many truly white barks in nature…

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Frequently Asked Questions

White Birch Bark Wall Treatments


3.  How hard is the installation process? 

There is a simple installation guide on the website here. The tools and materials
that are required range from screw guns and panel adhesive, z-clips to a crown

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Nondisplaceable Family Business

Active Engagement with Clients, Community & Workers

Beautiful Outside and Within, is the company slogan and mantra.  It provides a statement that is reflective of the products, processes and people who are engaged with this brand.  With a little investment of time learning about the truth of how and why the company functions, is what compels trust and sharing the brand story – a story about clients, community and workers.  Third party certifications verify baseline claims, stakeholder engagement builds unique relationships, but…

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T H E   B A R K   H O U S E®
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Bark House Wall Treatments connect people to nature in the built environment through regenerative design that results in active reciprocity

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