All About the Nature of It – March 2017




March, 2017  
Seek Honest Materials
Find Authentic Connection

 4 Modern Theories That Explain Why We Can’t Get Enough Of Nature

A Product of Human-Nature
Transcends the Nature of Human-Products




Regenerative Solutions 

For Interior and Exterior Design


This course provides an in-depth philosophical discussion of a new way to make products for the built environment.  A way that is regenerative, not just sustainable.  It provides specific examples for demonstration purposes that have been verified through third party certification used to rate specific characteristics.


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Bark House featured in other blogs
Chris is scheduled to speak at the Leadership NC Environment Session in Asheville on April 6
T H E   B A R K   H O U S E®


Connecting people to nature in the built environment through regenerative design

that is strong across all pillars of the sustainability triad.

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