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4 Extraordinary Ways to Use Trees in Architecture




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AUGUST, 2015



Poised Among Trees   

Project:   Trees on the Roof
Architects: Meditch Murphey Architects
General Contractor: Design/Build
Location: D.C. Area
Style: Modern, Sustainable, Residential-Home Office
Product Integration: Poplar Panels | Exterior and Interior
Project Awards: Washingtonian Award | Washington, DC Chapter of the AIA | Tree House, Washington DC | AIA Maryland Excellence in Design Awards 2014 Magazine Articles: Architecture DC, Summer 2015 (view pdf version) | ARCHITECT, the Journal of the American Institute of Architects  Photo Credit: © 2014 Meditch Murphey Architects
Marcie Meditch, AIA and John Dennis Murphey, AIA form the husband and wife team of Meditch Murphey Architects.  They are avid travelers and nature lovers.
Project Goals: Shared home and office space.  Seamless connection to nature.  Use of sustainable materials and techniques.  Employing a restrained pallet.
Inspiration for use of bark panels came from Bark House® products used on the Appalachian State University (Award Winning for Best in Design), Solar Decathlon House.


Gary McCurry, our former operations manager, has officially retired from Bark House. He has been my older brother for years, although there has been no genetic testing to conclusively prove this. It is quite a challenge to identify our relation when comparing natures, as he is generally the calm and balanced voice of logic while I am noted as being high strung and unyielding in temperament. Nonetheless, he has provided his particular set of skills here for years, much to the betterment of the company.
His first retirement was from plant supervision for General Electric. So, it was from that experience that allowed him to manage our production facility in both a safe and efficient way. Besides being instrumental in establishing our Chain of Custody Certifications, he oversaw us becoming an OSHA SHARP awarded company as well. He had warned us for a while that he had a new business growing that he needed to move on to, so he slowly turned over the reins to Matt Garrett and Travis Oglesby before departing. He still drops in from time to time to offer needed consultations and unwanted dry humor.


PATAGONIA – A Company Poised for Success
This September, Vincent Stanley the Chief Philosophy Officer of PATAGONIA and nephew of Founder Yvon Chouinard, will do presentations with various public and private groups in Asheville, North Carolina.  Vincent and Yvon have worked together since the original equipment company in 1973 that eventually became the outdoor sport clothing retailer we know today.  The two co-authored The Responsible Company and as the long-time Chief Storyteller for the company, Vincent is a reason we all love to actually read the catalogue.
Vincent’s visit will be kicked off by a meeting with area Certified B Corps and companies actively pursuing this certification.  One goal for his visit to this area is to raise the awareness of companies that are serious about doing social and environmental good.  I am a part of a 5-person B-Corp team chosen to coordinate this event.  The individuals in our group have been involved in proliferating these ideals in the high country region of WNC in various ways for many years.

B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.  Today, there is a growing community of more than 1,000 Certified B Corps from 33 countries and over 60 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business.  Patagonia is a founding B Corp (2007).  The Bark House at Highland Craftsmen Inc has been a B Corp since 2008, and is also a “Best for the World” awarded company.

Highland Craftsmen’s Bark House is the premiere purveyor of natural-form, architectural elements and creator of richly textured, modern bark wall coverings.

We are committed to providing the products and services that make your design both beautiful and brilliant.

We work with professionals (including architects, builders, designers, developers, distributors, fabricators) and homeowners creating exquisite private residences as well as evocative art, hospitality and commercial real estate projects.

We supply well known specialty stores with products that complement their brand.

Beyond the distinct beauty of our products dwells the brilliance of our work.

Our innovative team of local craftsmen is ready to uncomplicate your custom project.

Coveted certifications such as C2C Gold reflect our commitment to the planet, and B Corp (Best for the World Company 2013, 2014) reflects a strong commitment to our community’s people and prosperity.

Ninety percent of the RAW™ materials we use are sustainably sourced within 50 miles -and all of them within 500 miles- of our manufacturing facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western NC.

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