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Welcome Bark Peelers and Loggers!

It was 1998 when Bark House trained the first 50 loggers in the proper techniques of bark peeling.  Since then, we’ve trained over 600 loggers from 45 counties in 5 of the 13 Appalachian states.

Quality and honesty are expressed in three items that were important then and remain important today.  Pay an honest wage.  Care for the land and about the landowner.  Produce a pure and honest product.  Bark House created an income stream from the previous waste bark.  This pays more for the bark than the log at the mill.  The company only accepts RAW™ material that has a verifiable chain-of-custody and expects that best management practices are followed.  The manufacturing methods are clean and have been awarded – as is the company process.  Our vendors are proud to contribute to the benefit of Appalachian forests and families as an important aspect of the Bark House process.  We appreciate your hard work.

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About Bark House

The Team

The company was co-founded and is co-owned by Marty and Chris McCurry, who share the role of CEO.  Marty is the award-winning, original bark wall covering designer and inventor of its entire manufacturing methodology.  Chris is the designer for the (also awarded) regenerative business process the company employs to benefit forests and families in the Appalachian region.  The owner’s dedication and focus are shared by the lead management team of Vice Presidents.  With ten years at Bark House and family history in furniture manufacturing, Matt Garrett is VP of Manufacturing Operations.   With seven years at Bark House and personal business ownership under her belt, Michele Camp is VP of Business Operations.  New to the team this year Brody Watson, MBA Grad from ASU, joins the group as Head of Sales.  The average for employee longevity at the company is over ten years.  The team functions with the business prerogatives to “do your personal best every time, and realize the potential that’s right in front of you.” Our commitments are to “improve the health of our environment and increase opportunities that support human equality”.  These are not mutually exclusive or conflicting in the regenerative system in which we operate.

What We Make – And Why

Bark House® is the original manufacturer of bark wall coverings, designed to connect people to nature in the built environment.  Our products elicit thinking about the potential of nature and memories of past time spent in the forest with loved ones.  This includes walks with grandparents as children when all was safe and anything was possible.  We believe that people care for what they care about, and placing the bark of trees where people spend 90% of their time, will nurture a connection with forests.  Reconnecting to natural systems is an important first step toward human health, climate remediation, and reorganizing how businesses, institutions, and even governments work.            

Company Profile

As the first manufacturer of bark wall coverings, we know that nature has inspired great works of Architecture in every country for thousands of years.  People crave a connection with nature in their living environments.  We deliver this in its purest form through beautiful products.  Importantly, we discovered that the patterns in nature can also teach us about a better business process: one (like nature) that is flexible and capable of responding to all types of changing conditions.  Many businesses are built on the idea of keeping things simple, but we follow a methodology that allows us to keep an eye on the whole process and see what’s developing on the horizon, in the valleys, and across the plain.  We invite every stakeholder including vendors, employees, and clients to learn more about the system that yields products and processes that are awarded world-wide.


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Architectural Record and Regenerative Business AWARDS Verify Our Deep Commitment to Whole-Buildingbark-house-recycles-poplar-bark-products

"Quality is not a goal here… It’s a way of life."

Marty McCurry