Bark House

Air Quality


  • Use clean, renewable energy for manufacturing.
  • Have a carbon management / offset / sequestration plan for all
    manufacturing processes


100% of our electricity is renewable solar power.  We produce enough to sell some to the grid.

90% of the materials are sourced within 50 miles and 100% within 500 miles.

Manufacturing methods are clean and rely heavily on fine hand-crafting. The CO2 emissions that are generated throughout the entire poplar bark supply chain back to tier one and the on-site manufacturing are offset.  This is because bark locks in carbon (calculated by dry material weight). Bark is now being used in buildings, as opposed to biodegrading in nature.

Vendors are made up of small crews.  They have a lighter impact in the forest as researched by the Land Conservation Foundation in Virginia.  Crews log small tracts – usually no greater than 10 acres in any given area.

The process of harvesting the material is largely performed with human energy.

Clean air is important to Bark House and guides how we manufacture poplar panels