Bark House

New NIKE Headquarters in New York City

Bark House Tulip Poplar Bark Wall Covering Panels in NIKE NYC HQ

“Notable pieces include: a 30 foot tall bark wall that nods to Nike’s Oregon roots… ”

Arch Daily


“This is an amazing and beautiful building product driven to the market place by an amazing Appalachian entrepreneur who believes in her ability.  Congrats, Chris!” 

Earl Gohl, Former Federal Co Chairman
at Appalachian
Regional Commission 




Thank you, Earl!  We are grateful that NIKE Designers chose this product, and for everyone who believes in whole-building with whole-building-products that are good for the Appalachian people and the Appalachian Mountains!

UNITY is in our NATURE and strong women are leading the charge.  To learn more, visit  We chose nature – but more importantly – nature chose us.

Chris McCurry






The wall provides the backdrop for important conversations that include “She Believes In Her Ability”.  This year’s speakers included:  Holly Lindvall, Vice President of Human Resources & Diversity with NY Mets and Lea Goldman, Editor in Chief at LifeTime Television.

Bark House Poplar Bark Panel Wall Covering behind Holly Lindvall of the NY Mets
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Bark House Poplar Bark Panel Wall Covering behind Lea Goldman of LifeTime Television Network
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