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Gold Birch Bark Paneling
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Gold Birch Bark

Need time for contemplation?

Gold birch exudes an intimate golden bronze glow with a delightfully whimsical tattered texture.  The result of this birch wood wall covering is a space or a treatment that adds great depth with 3D impact and is perfect for reflection.

From whole wall and ceiling coverings to panel inserts for cabinetry, doors, and furniture, or even for stunning exterior detailing, we can custom fit any of our Bark Veneer Laminates to meet your specific needs.  Applications have included both commercial and residential in modern to rustic styles.

Tree Bark Veneer Details


Our Materials Pledge and ReputationUSES

  • interior, exterior with treatment
  • residential, commercial
  • traditional to modern


  • FSC substrate may be specified if desired
  • can be special coated and laminated for exterior use
  • can be treated to meet stringent fire code standards

Birch Veneer Bark Laminates Specifications

Gold Birch  [Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis)]

color: luminescent golden bronze with silvery highlights

texture: papery quality

seams on lamination: with weave technique, seams virtually disappear

  • Custom sized to fit your needs
  • Maximum Panel Size is Limited to 4′ in width and 12′ in length
  • Precision Squared for Ease in Installation
  • No Minimum Order Required
  • Kiln dried and sterile


  • Certified Kiln Dried and Heat Sterilized

Bark Veneer Resources

Our Design Team will assist in whatever capacity to ensure we match a product to your vision
Technical support is always available to answer and assist with application and installation questions
Substrate and bonding agent specifications are available upon request
Multiple interior and exterior finishes are available
E-84 Class A fire coatings are available as well
Sample Kits Available


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