Bark House

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We handle unique raw natural forms and textures daily, but from time to time there will be a particularly unusual piece that demands more exploration and refinement. When this object catches Marty’s attention, he tends to set all other duties aside and concentrate on presenting a truly unique work of art. Walking in silent circles around it, occasionally pausing to touch, you can see that it’s obvious he is going to summon his team of craftsmen to assist in manipulating it into whatever form he is envisioning.

All pieces are one of a kind and cannot possibly be duplicated. The amount of effort and field time spent in just retrieving the raw materials can be shocking. Once brought to our facility, labor actually intensifies as the cleaning of rocks and debris, de-barking, or other detailing preps the piece for our sawing tools. After careful initial cuts, the material is tucked away in our dry kilns for slow and steady drying and sterilization. When a subject finally comes out, it will spend weeks in the shop as it takes its journey to final form and finishing before being hand signed by Marty.

You may inquire about his featured works shown here or we will be happy to send over photos and details of upcoming pieces still in process.

For more details take a look at our Custom Shop Brochure.

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The ability to preserve the history of Appalachian rustic furniture and home accents can only be attributed to one incredible artisan, Marty McCurry of Bark House. What his eye sees, his mind imagines, and his heart feels, adds life to these designs…thus giving his hands an unsurpassed ability to create

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"Quality is not a goal here… It’s a way of life."

Marty McCurry