Introducing sustainable, luxury bark wall panels and solid wood products.  Bark House® original designs are handcrafted to honor the essence of the forest and create inspired spaces.  The wide range of natural hues and varied textures create light play across otherwise one-dimensional wall surfaces.   This pallet of pure nature goes beyond beautiful because it is regeneratively aimed.  Bark House® products are the best of what human nature can be.  Designed for people and the planet.

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Bark House® brand bark shingle siding and and bark panels are unlike any other wall finish

Bark House is the original design- manufacturer of bark wall finishes. Whether you purchase bark panels that have already been hand-crafted or have something completely custom-made, no two products are exactly alike. Our strenuous process ensures lasting quality. You receive all the benefits of product innovation and meticulous hand-crafting through an organized system that is regeneratively aimed.

Bark House® is the only company that has always performed 100% of grading and manufacturing in-house by trained professionals. This translates into products that last.

Bark is a non-standard material first manufactured to stringent specifications as a wall finish by product designer and company co-founder Marty McCurry.  Unlike wood, there are no NHLA (National Hardwoods Lumber Association) guidelines for the grading of bark.  With a 30+ year history, and expert knowledge, Bark House is known as “the quality brand that lasts”.

Bark wall finishes are handcrafted

Consider Bark House brand interior bark panels. These gorgeous wall finishes are created lovingly with a dizzying amount of time and attention to detail. Our lead craftsman has championed this craft for over fifteen years. He apprenticed with McCurry, and teaches other craftsmen the same time-proven, client-approved techniques. The result is a one-of-a-kind natural wall finish created special for your project through a close relationship between the human touch and Appalachian forests.

Bark wall finishes are Beautiful

Bark wall panels are desired because they are beautiful and unlike anything else on the market. It is easy to get lost gazing at the rough texture, natural whorls, and subtle colors of this visual feast. Keep in mind that eco-friendly wall finishes begin as recycled waste as part of an Appalachian forest restoration project. To our mind, this only elevates the beauty of the finished, sophisticated bark panels.

Bark wall finishes Exude Luxury

Whether used as a small focal point of natural texture, an accent wall, or a soft transition from the outdoors to interior spaces, eco-friendly bark wall finishes exude a luxuriously magical quality. Because Bark House created the process of hand crafting to maintain their natural bark texture rather than being manufactured as a substitute to look like bark, these wall finishes do not merely act as unique aesthetic accessories— they truly are unique.

Bark wall finishes are Regeneratively Aimed

Bark House wall panels are regenerative as they have an innate capacity that enlivens a discovery of nature. We are compelled to touch them and in the process are touched by them. Bark House has an absolute commitment to honor the trees and the forest, and to honor the giving capacity that we all have within. We are dedicated to the regenerative process at every level of our business and manufacturing practice.

By using a wall finish that is eco-friendly, handcrafted, and beautiful, architects can elevate interiors to a level that surpasses current sustainability standards, transcends client expectations, and provides a peek into the next generation of modern design.

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