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Set the designer in you free with Bark House luxury interior bark wall coverings and exterior bark shingle siding.  The rich textures of birch, cherry, pine, and poplar bark provide a wide color pallet of masterfully crafted products to choose from.  Bark House craftsmen carefully remove tree bark after the tree is harvested in a sustainable and regenerative process that’s part of the One Forest Regenerative Project focused on Southern Appalachia.

Natural Textured Bark Wall Coverings And Wood Products 

Click on any of the products above to quickly explore the application options and design possibilities.  Let the experts at Bark House ensure your vision comes to life.  Nothing substitutes the unique look and feel of real bark.


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Bark House has Earned a Reputation as the preferred brand in wall coverings for well-known tech, fashion and hospitality industriesBark House's customers/clients: Google, Amazon, National Park Service, Louboutin

Eco-friendly bark wall coverings and bark shingles exude luxury and natural warmth

Bark wall finishes are handcrafted.

Textured wall panels in white birch bark veneer laminate grace a rustic/modern living room in WisconsinConsider Bark House’s white birch panels.  These gorgeous, wall finishes are created lovingly, with a dizzying amount of time and attention to detail.  Our lead craftsman has championed this craft for fifteen years.  He apprenticed under company co-founder and product designer, Marty McCurry, and teaches other craftsmen in the same time-proven, client approved techniques.  The result is a one-of-a-kind natural wall finish created through a close relationship between the human touch and Appalachian forests.

Bark wall finishes are beautiful.

Bark wallcoverings are desired because they are beautiful and unlike anything else on the market.  It is easy to get lost gazing at the rough texture, the natural whorls, and the subtle colors of this visual feast. Keep in mind that eco-friendly wall finishes begin as recycled waste as part of an Appalachian forest restoration project. To our mind, this only elevates the beauty of the finished, sophisticated bark products.

Bark wall finishes exude luxury.

Whether used as a small focal point of natural texture, an accent wall, or a soft transition from the outdoors to interior spaces, eco-friendly bark wall finishes exude a luxuriously magical quality. Because Bark House created the process of hand crafting to maintain their natural bark texture rather than being manufactured as a paltry substitute to look like bark, these wall finishes do not merely act as unique aesthetic accessories—they truly are unique.

Bark wall finishes are regeneratively aimed.

Bark House wallcoverings are regenerative as they have an innate capacity in welcoming humans to discover more about nature and our own nature.  People experience a real and personal connection to them.  They have to touch them and in the process are touched by them.  Bark House has an absolute commitment to honor the trees and the forest, and to honor the giving capacity that we all have within.  We are dedicated to the enlivenment of a regenerative process at every level of our business and manufacturing practice.

By using a wall finish that is eco-friendly, handcrafted, and beautiful, architects can elevate interiors to a level that surpasses current sustainability standards, transcends client expectations, and provides a peek into the next generation of modern design.


There is no substitute for touching Bark House® products yourself


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Bark House is the original bark siding and bark wall covering design-manufacturer

Operating for 30-years, we offer beautiful wall finishes that do more than just look good, they are good.  As a regeneratively-aimed company, our products have an intrinsic value that nurtures inhabitants worldwide, while improving forests, and supporting personal development in Appalachia. Bark House has initiated the One Forest Regenerative Project currently focusing on forests in Southern Appalachia.

The company has been awarded as a B-Corp Best for the World, Buckminster Fuller Catalyst, and Regenerative company. Bark House products earned the world’s first Cradle to Cradle PLATINUM Certification, Architectural Record Product of the Year, and were a John Ruskin Prize finalist.

Bark House is an awarded company that you can trustBark House awards and certifications: Buckminster Fuller, Cradle to Cradle, John Ruskin

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The RAW™ nature of Bark House® natural wood wall treatments and products reflects an elemental elegance of beauty and struggle. Pure, authentic, honest and real appropriately describe the products and the core essence of the people that craft them. Regenerative processes with active reciprocity, means our region is positively impacted because of your project integration.


Producing exceptional performing product solutions is a result of listening carefully to your needs. Bark House Wall Coverings, solid wood products and specialty fabrication strategies answer your challenges for beautiful aesthetics and exceptional performance. The natural wood wall treatments and products are 100% sourced and made in the USA with renewable energy. Poplar wall coverings are carbon neutral and use no water in their manufacturing.


We bring over a quarter century of master craftsmanship and regenerative design to support your specific goals. We offer you the right products, services and custom capabilities for inspiring and timeless architectural solutions. Bark House wall coverings create a rich legacy statement that transcends the nature of imitation products.

OVER 250 MEDIA FEATURES of Bark House ProductsBark House has been featured in over 250 media outlets including Architectural Record and Our State Magazine


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"Quality is not a goal here… It’s a way of life."

Marty McCurry