Bark House® Poplar Bark Subway Panels are currently a Special Order item due to the high volume of demand.

Select your choices below, press the “REQUEST PRODUCT” button, then complete the form.  A member of our team will respond within 2 business days.


  • Panel Size

    If your order includes multiple panels with different options, please briefly describe your project on the next page.

    Bark House® Subway Tile Wall Panels are made to your specifications. This creates a wall covering that is uniquely your own.

    Decide what size you want your panel:

    Bark House® Subway Tile Wall Panels are custom order.  A single panel can range up to 60” x 144”.

    The natural grain of the bark will be oriented to the measurement that you give us for the height.

    For a custom cut, please contact our office so that we can discuss this option with you.

  • Individual Tile Size

    Choose the size of the individual subway tiles:

    Our expert team can make recommendations to guide you in choosing the size of the individual rectangular tiles used on the face of your unique wall panel.  However, you may know exactly what look you want so you have the option of specifying your own tile dimensions. You can choose the height of your bark tiles to fit the needs of your project.  The widths are random. If you have no preference, we will default to the tile size that fits your panels best  (usually 4″ tall tiles).  Panels are crafted with Interior Grade thickness only.

  • Edge

    Choose the Edge for your panel:

    We have two edge options for the panel seams: Straight and keyed.

    Straight edge

    The straight edge fits against the next panel creating a visible seam.  This style is sometimes paired with flat metal strips (see the featured image on this page), but you can use anything you prefer – or nothing at all.

    straight edge

    Keyed edge

    Our keyed edge consists of the sides of two panels fitting together to hide the seam.  This is generally a random staggered edge so that when one panel is mated to the next, it will produce the illusion of one single sheet across the full span of your wall.

    keyed edge
  • Finish

    A finish is unnecessary for this product but you may prefer to add a clear sealant.

  • Substrate

    Bark House® Poplar Panel Wall Coverings can be laminated to any substrate of your preference that is 1/2″ thick or greater.

    The natural grain of the bark will be oriented to the measurement that you give us for the height.

    Please email a sales representative for other options.

  • Surface Area

    Multiply the height of your wall times the length.  We will discuss the optimal panel size to cover the surface area you provide to us.


Bark Species

Product Dimensions

  • Maximum Panel Size is Limited to 5′ in width and 12′ in height
  • Average panel thickness is 1″ (1/2″ MDF + 1/2″ Interior Grade Bark Tiles)
  • Average panel weight is 3.25 pounds per square foot

Product Applications

  • Interior
  • Residential, commercial
  • Traditional, modern, rustic designs


  • Kiln dried and sterile
  • Bark House can apply a Class A fire rated spray to any raw material
  • Custom sized to fit your needs
  • Lamination to 1/2″ MDF is standard
  • Reclaimed Forestry Waste Product

Bark House® Poplar Bark Subway Panels were inspired by the classic subway tile that debuted in New York City in the early 1900s.  From couture centers in London and Paris to New York, the subway tile connected form and function and captured the public’s imagination, stimulating design in both residential and commercial environments.  The unique poplar bark with its color and texture variations is fashioned into a panel of geometrical tiles using the “Interior” grade thickness to broadcast interesting shadow lines and 3-D texture.

*Important Note about Single Surface Lamination* Any substrate that has a bark veneer or 3D wood attachment has the capacity to warp or cup. We do not recommend that panels “float” as in cabinet door applications without an additional back side lamination to balance it out. This may be achieved by laminating our bark treatment to both sides or by laminating a separate finish wood veneer.

There is no concern with single surface lamination when panels are affixed to studs or wall surfaces per our installation guide.


Recycling Centers are available in every county in each state across the country.  We’ll help you to identify the closest Recycling Center in your area that has Demolition and Construction Recycling Infrastructure. This decreases general landfill waste and improves the environment.

What are Poplar Bark Subway Tile Wall Panels?

Bark House® Subway Tile Panels are monolithic panels that are inspired by a traditional subway tile layout.  Interior Grade Poplar Bark (Liriodendron tulipifera) is used in the design.  The diversity of the individual pieces varying in color and texture blend together to form a geometric pattern that is pleasing to both sight and touch. Seams between each piece of bark will be seen on each panel and between individual panels.  The seams between panels may be emphasized with various trim options you supply or it is possible to create a “keyed effect” so that seams between panels disappear. You can also choose the dimension of your tiles to be laminated. 

All bark laminate panels were originally designed and created by Bark House cofounder, Marty McCurry. 

How are 3D wall panels priced?

Our 3D Wall Panels are priced by the square foot. The price will depend on the type of material used and any finishes that you wish to add. Keyed edges are priced by the linear foot and finish options are priced by the square foot.

How are 3D wall panels fabricated?

Each order is custom fabricated, and every design is unique. 3D panels are secured to ½” MDF substrate and have finish options available. Each of our 3D wall panels has unique fabrication limits, so please refer to the “Product Applications and Information” section of our product pages.

Why do the 3D veneer wall panels need to be laminated to a 1/2″ substrate?

Laminating thicker bark to only one side of a ¼” substrate can result in a warped panel over time, even if anchored to a wall.

What are keyed edges?

Our Keyed edge consists of staggered rows interlocking from panel to panel to hide the seam.  This is generally a random staggered edge so that when one panel is mated to the next, it will produce the illusion of one single sheet across the full span of your wall.

How do I install Bark Subway Tile Wall Panels?

As with all of our products, we provide detailed installation instructions.  Our Laminate Wall Covering Installation guide is found here.

Do I need a finish on the bark?

A finish is not necessary, but if you want one there are various finishing options that can be added to your laminates to change the sheen or color or you may choose to seal the surface with a less visible option. A fire-retardant application is available as well. We are happy to assist you in determining if any of these options are right or necessary for your project.

Can I Wrap the White Birch laminate around a Column? 

We do not offer this option.

Will the subway tile panels look just like the sample that I received?

These products are derived from natural materials, so no two will be the same. If you have been inspired by a photo, let us know, and we will do our best to help you achieve a similar look.

How are Subway Tile Laminate Panels different from the other laminate wall coverings?

Subway Tile laminate panels are made by cutting poplar bark into smaller rectangles and then laminating them to ½” MDF substrate in uniform rows. Your panel dimensions generally determine the size of the individual tiles, or you can specify the size that you’d like. Our maximum panel size is 5’ x 12’, and your subway tile panel allows you to feature a diverse selection of poplar bark in your project.

What information is needed to receive an estimate for subway tile panels?

To place an order for laminate wall coverings, our sales team will need:

  • Type of bark laminate that you wish to order
  • Substrate type
  • Panel dimensions
  • Finishes/edge details
  • Shipping address details

See the section above labeled “Product Options” which will walk you through this process.

How much will my order for bark subway tile wall panels cost to ship?

Bark Shingles are shipped in the most economical way possible for the size of your order. Most shipments will be done via Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight, and the cost will depend on your order size and shipping location.  We are happy to provide you with a quote.  Please email [email protected].    

Does Bark House offer a trade or volume discount?

Bark House® Laminate Wall Coverings and Panels are custom fabricated for each individual client. We are unable to offer discounts on these products due to the level of craftsmanship that is required for every order. 

Why is there an added fee for small panel sizes?

A number of factors dictate a 20% upcharge for panels less than 3ft x 3ft including project set-up fees, cutting down larger sheets of bark material, and the degree of difficulty working with a smaller scale. 

Why is there an added fee for panels over 4 ft wide?

The main factor impacting the cost of wider panels is due to the difficulty in reaching across a wider field of work and the increase of internal weaving that must occur for the natural look of bark to be achieved.

We store Bark House Bark Subway Tile Laminates in a climate-controlled warehouse to prevent them from warping and wicking water.

If you need to store your Laminate Panels prior to installation we recommend that you:

  • Keep your Laminate Panels in their crate lying flat to prevent warping
  • Store your panels in a dry and secure location, not out in the elements, or under a tarp.

Failure to follow these guidelines can compromise your finished application

Manufacturing Bark House Poplar Bark Subway Tiles Wall Panels

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