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From Source To Finishes, Bark House® Has Your Walls Covered – Regeneratively


Bark House has earned its reputation as the preferred brand in wall coverings for well-known tech, fashion and hospitality industries.

Bark House has customers including: NIKE, Amazon, SalesForce, Organic Valley, Universities, Google, Gore-Tex, Tupelo Honey, BP, Hotels



Restorative Growing, Sourcing, and Harvesting
Bark House is working to strengthen the Regenerative Source Guild of the Blue Ridge to honor and support the essence of the Appalachian forests and the people working within them.
Bark House supports a forest management strategy that focuses on micro-parcel tree harvests and respects the diversity of living forests.  Comprised of approximately 20-acre tracts, the land is owned by individuals who care about it and their community.  Nurtured for generations, these stewards want to keep the land healthy and intact for the future.  Forest-management plans are implemented that support biodiversity so that select cutting is practiced.  Only Bark House trains loggers across five states in the proper procurement of bark from felled trees for use in wall coverings.  This strategy is designed to support loggers with deep reverence to nature to stay connected to it in their work.  Two to three-person logging crews with lighter equipment are engaged and maintain better soil stabilization.  Bark House monitors forest inventory growth-to-removal and watershed reports, verifying sustainability and environmental health in our region. Only Reclaimed Appalachian Wood Waste (RAW™) is purchased at Bark House.



Regenerative Manufacturing
Bark House proved that a circular-manufacturing-economy that benefits people and nature is possible.
It is rare to find a beautiful wall finish that is manufactured in an equally beautiful way, but such is the case with Bark House Wall Coverings.  The rough texture invites you to touch the surface, and when you do – you know that you have found something that is pure, something that deserves to be honored.  Recipient of the world’s first and only Cradle to Cradle PLATINUM product certification, company co-founders, Marty and Chris McCurry, designed and created products and processes that are recognized worldwide.  Their work is aimed to honor the strategy of the bark material itself, every person who touches the products and the land where the material is sourced.    Designer and creator of the first manufactured bark wall coverings, Marty specified every detail down to the thickness and length of the material so that the strategy of bark as a protective covering for a tree is fully realized for a building, and quality is assured.  Tree growth sequesters carbon, and Bark House designed manufacturing to be carbon neutral.  Marty engineered one-of-a-kind kilns to efficiently circulate air-flow through the stacks of material and a moisture content monitoring protocol that assures consistency of the product.  Chris added solar power to manufacturing.  Both combined ensure that more carbon is held in the product than the sum of all of its manufacturing, all the way back to the first person who touched it.  No water is used in direct manufacturing, conserving this most important resource.  A chain of custody process verifies the source of the product and that the log has a disposition so that only Reclaimed Appalachian Wood Waste (RAW™) is purchased.  This strategy yields loggers two times the pay of a log for reclaimed-waste bark and that sixty percent of Bark House income is invested directly back to the local community.



Living Legacy Projects
Client investment in places we can live together completes the circle to create a legacy with benefit to all life for all time.
Architectural Record Product of the Year, B Corp Best For The World Company, Buckminster Fuller Catalyst Company, Regenerative Company, and over 250 important media features – these accolades only begin to reflect the value of the wall covering products and business processes created at Bark House.  This company has earned its reputation as the preferred brand for well-known tech, fashion and hospitality industries as well as and discerning homeowners.  A living legacy has reached from forests to cities, from homes to commercial spaces as people are reconnecting to pure nature.  You are invited to learn more about the distinctive Bark House difference, as you create your Living Legacy project – one with benefit for all life for all time built in.




It is not so much for its beauty that the forest
makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something,
that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so
wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.

Robert Lewis Stevenson