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Poplar Pole End Cut Panels

There is a dizzying amount of work going into the production of these end cut wood wall panels and it is all done by hand. A close inspection of each block reveals growth rings, limb knots, and bark variations that give each one its own individual signature. We meticulously sand the end grain of the cuts to provide subtle light reflection while leaving the rough texture of the bark to absorb it.

Split Rail Fencing

Who isn’t compelled to pull over and snap a photo of an idyllic pastoral farm scene or national battlefield outlined by an ancient rustic fence? Knowing the hard labor and time that it takes to split rails and posts helps us understand why the authentic art of split rail fencing has come close to vanishing into antiquity. We are fueled to offer our skill and labor to customers who appreciate the authenticity and dedication of this rugged craft.

Live Edge Slabs and Mantels

The Bark House slab and mantel collection focuses on Appalachian species that were felled by the wind as well as hearty sections of diseased trees. These are most often “yard trees” that, without the normal forest competition, tend to have thick stocky trunks. We only accept the older and most gnarled or figured wood as they best tell the story of the tree’s struggles to survive.


Authentic and Hand Crafted

Bark House Split Rails

Made from Black Locust Wood only, you can see our split rails in numerous National Parks.  The product page has a number of useful tools to help in your selection.

Bark House Poplar End Cut Panels

This is a product that is not original to Bark House, but we craft them better than other providers.  They are made from up-cycled materials, to your exacting specifications.

Bark House Wood Slabs and Mantels

This is a product that we would have phased out long ago if not for our love of massive wind-fall trees and our desire to see them remain in whole slabs of wood so that their essence is revealed.  If you find a different supplier closer to you, then your shipping costs will be less.  If you are in our region or are buying in mass quantity, and want a tree that has been handled with care, then please view our inventory catalog.

Solid Wood Products are Regeneratively Aimed

Bark House solid wood products are regenerative as they have an innate capacity in welcoming humans to discover more about nature and our own nature. People experience a real and personal connection to them. They have to touch them and in the process are touched by them. Bark House has an absolute commitment to honor the trees and the forest, and to honor the giving capacity that we all have within. We are dedicated to the enlivenment of a regenerative process at every level of our business and manufacturing practice.

By using a wall finish that is eco-friendly, handcrafted, and beautiful, architects can elevate interiors to a level that surpasses current sustainability standards, transcends client expectations, and provides a peek into the next generation of modern design.

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