Every Bark House® Poplar Bark Panel is unique. Therefore, if your project requires (4) panels, plan to choose 4 individual panels that you would like to see together.  You will never be choosing (4) of one item.  This is because each bark panel is from a different tree.  The Bark House process reclaims this valuable material at a critical moment so that it does not become waste of the logging industry.

You can select individual PANELS and OPTIONS from our catalog.

The Importance of Thickness or Grade

Interior Grade is 3/8” minimum to 1/2” maximum thickness.  Standard Grade is 9/16” minimum to 7/8” maximum thickness.  Premium Grade is 15/16” minimum to 1 1/2” maximum thickness.  We recommend selecting panels from the same Grade for a single wall span to minimize the appearance of seams.

  • Every panel has a slight range in thickness as this is a natural material with unique characteristics.
  • The thickness, or grade, you choose may be a requirement of your application, such as with cabinetry, or simply a design choice.
  • Either of the three grades may be used on interior projects.  Sanding is for Interior applications only, and only the Standard and Premium Grade can be sanded.
  • While Interior grade is only to be used inside, Premium and Standard grades are thicker and appropriate for exterior applications when laminated to an exterior-grade substrate by our fabrication team.


Other details that will aid your selection are outlined here:

  • The Poplar Panels range from 7’ tall to 12’ in one-foot increments.
  • The widths of the panels vary between 24” to 96”.
  • Taller and wider panels are rarer, and cost more per sq ft.
Shop Current Inventory

Shop our current inventory to see the one-of-a-kind panels we have in stock today.  Use the Sort tool at the top to narrow your choices.  The Compare Panels tool, allows you to view multiple panels side by side to narrow your selection or see how they will look together on a wall.

Bark Species

Product Dimensions

  • Panel widths are random and range from 24” to 96”
  • Standard Grade.
    • 9/16” minimum to 7/8” maximum thickness
  • Premium Grade.
    • 15/16” minimum to 1 1/2” maximum thickness
  • Interior Grade.
    • 3/8” minimum to 1/2” maximum thickness

Product Applications

  • Interior, exterior
  • Residential, commercial
  • Traditional, modern, rustic
  • Sanded for interior (with multiple paint or finish options)
  • Can be modified to meet stringent fire code standards


  • The deeply furrowed and rugged outer cork provides the same outdoor protection as our bark shingles while also exhibiting amazing interior acoustical benefits
  • Flattened, kiln-dried, and precision squared
  • Poplar Bark exterior longevity recorded at 80 years / maintenance free
  • Precision squared for ease in installation
  • Kiln dried and sterile
  • ASTM E-84-05 Class B Fire Rated (results available upon request)
  • Meets California VOC Emission Standards
  • Reclaimed Forestry Waste Product
  • Biodegradable


product weight

  • Premium Grade weighs 2.25 lbs per sq ft
  • Standard Grade weighs 1.75 lbs per sq ft
  • Interior Grade weighs 1.5 lbs per sq ft
  • The packaging material is of nominal weight, but if you’re concerned, ask your customer specialist.

Bark House® Poplar Bark Panel Wall Finishes are the most distinctive of our poplar bark wall coverings.  No more than one in a thousand trees will yield an uncracked sheet of bark this large.  Due to limb scars, epicormic knots, growth stress, bird peck, and lightning scars, no two poplar bark panels are ever alike. Textural variances give each sheet its own unique identity.  The mottled taupe-grey color accented by occasional green moss and lichens provides light to dark color variation that reveals the north and south side relation of the tree to the sun throughout its lifetime.

The ridges and valleys of this unique material create interesting shadow lines inside rooms.  Standard and Premium Grade products provide acoustic benefits.   When we add an exterior-rated substrate, this product may be used for exterior applications.

*Important Note about Single Surface Lamination* Any substrate that has a bark veneer or 3D wood attachment has the capacity to warp or cup. We do not recommend that panels “float” as in cabinet door applications without an additional back side lamination to balance it out. This may be achieved by laminating our bark treatment to both sides or by laminating a separate finish wood veneer.

There is no concern with single surface lamination when panels are affixed to studs or wall surfaces per our installation guide.


Bark House® Poplar Bark Panels are one-of-a-kind with wildly varying characteristics such as knots, limb scars, etc.  Some clients desire to further manipulate this beautifully charactered material by bending it.  We’ve provided some best practices below but can assume no responsibility if the panel cracks.

The maximum radius that Bark House® Poplar Bark Panels can be bent is 4’ before the tension begins to crack them.  A tighter radius can be achieved by kerfing the back side of the panel.  Kerfing permits the panel to bend in both concave and convex orientations.

Panels greater than 4’ widths can be rolled into a cylinder with aggressive kerfing.  Bending the panel against its natural orientation requires skill and this directional movement will not produce as tight of a radius as bending it convex.  This is due to the naturally occurring ridges on the surface.  The tightest radius that can be expected in a concave application with kerfing is 6’.

Care must be taken so as to not cut kerfs too deeply into the panel, as this can cause the panel to break.  The blade should not be plunged greater than half of the depth of the inner bark.  Kerfing cuts should be no closer than ¼” apart.

Irregular features on the surface such as knots will limit the panel’s capacity to bend in any situation.  Be sure to choose panels with straighter striations and use care when moving the panel before installation.


May qualify for LEED points based on locally or regionally sourced product


Recycling Centers are available in every county in each state across the country.  We’ll help you to identify the closest Recycling Center in your area that has Demolition and Construction Recycling Infrastructure. This decreases general landfill waste and improves the environment.


Simply mulch untreated BARK HOUSE® POPLAR PRODUCTS and allow them to add biological nutrients back in the soil.

Bark House Recycles

Bark House has a free 1 hour AIA CEU credit course in Architectural Record


What is a Bark House® Poplar Panel?

Bark House is the original design/manufacturer of Poplar Bark Panels.  This product can be used on interiors or exteriors. The product is manufactured from the peeled bark of Tulip Poplar Trees (Liriodendron tulipifera). The bark, which is historically a waste product in lumber operations, is harvested to become siding before the logs reach the mill. A large full sheet of bark unrolled from the full height of a single log. Great care must be used when cutting, removing, and transporting the raw material. They are quickly cleaned, flattened, sterilized, kiln dried and squared. These are rare, and incredibly unique pieces of bark. Bark House® Poplar Bark Panels are a regenerative product.

 Are poplar bark panels a rustic, modern or a high-design product?

Poplar bark is the perfect material for every design style.  The muted tones juxtapose in commercial environments to add a natural element and a focal point, bringing a multitude of surfaces into context.

Why can’t I order more than one of the poplar panels that I like?

Because these are harvested from individual trees, there is only one of each panel that you see in our inventory catalog. No two panels are ever the same as they are all unique entities. You may find panels with similar characteristics if it’s your goal to make multiple units match up in color and texture. Details and photos of each panel can be viewed on our online catalog.

Do poplar bark panels have a standard dimension?

We standardize the heights of our panels, but the widths are random sizes. Because of the rarity of these panels, we try to maximize the size of each one that is harvested. Panel heights will be in one-foot increments from 6-12 feet. Widths will range from 24” to 96”.

Are the panels perfectly square?

We do our best to square the panels, and they should be within a 1/4” diagonal tolerance. If your installation requires perfectly squared panels, you should be prepared for onsite trimming for fit. We generally leave them a half inch greater than listed in height and width to give room for adjustment.

Can poplar bark panels be used outside?

Bark House® Poplar Panels can be used in an exterior application if they are laminated to an exterior-grade substrate. This is a custom fabrication process, so please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

How are Bark House® Poplar Panels installed?

Bark House® Poplar Panels should be installed using a combination of panel adhesive and mechanical fasteners. Z-clips and other panel hanging techniques may also be used if the panels are laminated to a substrate. Please see our installation guide for detailed information. 

Can Bark House cut the poplar panels for me?

We can make basic cuts on your panel for a small fee before it is shipped to you. If you need to cut them yourself, use the same techniques that you would normally use for finish-cutting any other wood panel.

Can a finish be applied to Bark House® Poplar Panels?

Finishes can be applied to your panel order if you choose to, and are priced by the total square footage. Surface planning and sanding as well as a diverse group of finishes are available for these panels. Custom work is also possible.

How do I clean interior poplar bark panels?

Interior wall panels can be dusted or vacuumed like any other wall covering, but be careful with the moss and lichens!

Are poplar bark panels fragile?

You should use great care when unloading your panels upon delivery. While they are sturdy, rough or unbalanced handling can damage the panels. It is important to have at least two people to handle a panel. We repair major stress fractures with mesh tape and epoxy before making available for sale, but smaller superficial surface cracks may still exist on the backside of the panels.

What are the different grades of poplar panels?

The only difference between Interior, Standard, and Premium Grade bark is the thickness of the material. Interior Grade will range from 3/8”- 1/2”, Standard Grade will range from 9/16″-7/8″, while Premium Grade will range from 15/16″-1 1/2″.

Can I apply Poplar Bark Panels to a block or cement surface? 

Assuming the wall application is vertical and has proper overhangs, you would need to attach pressure-treated wood strips to the block or cement surface first.  For exterior applications, poplar panels are laminated to Extira (for an additional fee).  In this case, you can attach this product directly to the PT strips without the plywood. 

Can Poplar Bark Panels wrap around a column?

Panels can be kerfed on the backside.  Divide the width of the panel by Pi (3.1416) to determine the diameter that maximizes the sheet. We do not recommend trying to bend the panels in diameters less than 16″.  Standard Thickness is recommended for this.

How do I order Bark House® Poplar Bark Panels?

If you have selected the panels that you are interested from our catalog, reach out to Bark House for pricing and shipping information.

Is there a standardized cost for bark panels?

Each Bark House® Poplar Panel is a unique piece that tells the story of a specific tree. These panels may show evidence of limb scars, vine marks, bird peck, or other natural features. The texture of the bark will vary, as well as the amount of moss and lichens present. Our pricing will differ based on a panel’s grade, dimensions, and unique features. Please see our catalog for pricing information.

Are poplar bark panels in stock?

Poplar bark is harvested during a narrow window each year between May and July. Our availability will depend on the time of year and the size of that year’s harvest. We stock panels each year during the bark harvesting season. If you see a panel in our catalog, then it is available in our warehouse and for sale.

Can bark panels be laminated to a substrate?

Bark House Poplar Panels can be epoxy laminated to ½” or greater MDF substrate to simplify your installation. Lamination will add rigidity to your panel, and we can laminate sizes up to 5’ x 12’.

Are poplar bark panels kiln dried?

Panels are kiln dried while they are still fresh off a tree. Each panel that you order has been kiln dried to 8% to 10% moisture content and organic sterilization level in our custom engineered kilns.

Do you offer a warranty on Bark House® Poplar Panels?

Because these panels are a natural product, we are unable to offer a warranty on them. If you have concerns about their durability in a certain application, please reach out to [email protected].

Are Bark House® Poplar Panels rated for fire resistance?

Poplar panels have been tested to be ASTM E-84-05 Class B Fire Rated, and a detailed report is available upon request.

How are Bark House® Poplar Panels shipped?

These panels are shipped laid flat on a crated pallet. We are able to stack multiple panels for a shipment, and they will be protected with a layer of foam between each panel.

How much does a pallet of poplar bark shingles weigh?

Premium Grade weighs 2.25 lbs per sq ft

Standard Grade weighs 1.75 lbs per sq ft

Interior Grade weighs 1.5 lbs per sq ft

The packaging material is of nominal weight, but if you’re concerned, ask your customer specialist.

Does Bark House offer a trade or volume discount?

We are unable to offer volume discounts on poplar panels due to the rarity of the product, but many of our distributors do offer trade discounts.

How much will my bark panel order cost to ship?

Bark Shingles are shipped in the most economical way possible for the size of your order. Most shipments will be done via Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight, and the cost will depend on your order size and shipping location.  We are happy to provide you with a quote.  Please email [email protected].    

Can I customize the poplar panels?

Product Options makes your fit and customization finish unique.  As you scroll down on our Bark House® Poplar Panel page you will get to choose your thickness, height, and multiple finish options.  If you need this product laminated to a substrate for your specific application, we can do that too!

Can Bark House help me to share my unique project with others?

Projects with Bark House products have been featured in over 250 well-positioned media outlets.  We want to celebrate the completion of your unique project.  Share your project with us!

Bark House Poplar Bark Panels are kiln dried to 8% moisture content and stored in a climate-controlled warehouse prior to shipping.

After you receive your panels you may find that you need to store them for a period of time prior to application. If so, there are two important guidelines to follow:

  • Keep the panels in their crate lying flat to prevent warping.
  • Keep the panels in a dry and secure location, not out in the elements, or under a tarp.

Failure to follow these guidelines can compromise your finished application

Marty McCurry of the Bark House at Highland Craftsmen carries poplar bark panel out of woods

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