Bark House® Poplar Bark Interior Wall Tiles are available in 18″ lengths.  The 13″ and 26″ lengths are available by Special Order.

Select your choices below, press the “REQUEST PRODUCT” button, then complete the form.  A member of our team will respond within 2 business days.


  • Thickness or Grade

    You are not limited when doing interior applications by the issues of exterior weather. Therefore, you may choose any of the three grades that Bark House manufactures -or- a combination of all three for interiors.

    In addition to issues of thickness, the individual stria of the bark is consistent in each grade category.

    Choose material from only one grade category if you want the seams to be less evident.

    Choose material from a combination of grades if you want more movement and to create a more impactful 3-D effect.

    If you want your bark tiles sanded, then you will need to choose either Standard or Premium Grade.  The Interior Grade is too thin to sand and maintain any differentiation between the ridges and valleys.

    The three thicknesses or grades are shown.

    Interior Grade: Thickness of 3/8” minimum to 1/2” maximum

    Interior grade is only for interior applications. Coming from the tops of the trees, the ridges are less distinct. This is the most economical option.

    Standard Grade: Thickness of 9/16” minimum to 7/8” maximum

    With its higher ridges, this option allows the product to be sanded if desired.  It provides acoustical benefits and a more distinct 3-D effect.


    Premium Grade: Thickness of 15/16” minimum to 1 1/2” maximum

    With its higher ridges, this option allows the product to be sanded if desired. It provides acoustical benefits and an even more distinct 3-D effect.

  • Height and Width

    Options in product height allow your creativity to shine.  Tile widths are random and typically range from 6” to 48” maximum.

    13” (Purchased in increments of 4 square feet)

    Decorative interior wall paneling in a sun room in the Blue Ridge Mountains
    13″ Bark House Poplar Bark Tiles

    18” (Purchased in increments of 6 square feet)

    Decorative bark - tulip poplar - on an interior lobby wall at the Denver Bronco's stadium
    18″ Bark House Poplar Bark Tiles

    26" (Purchased in increments of 8 square feet)

    26″ Bark House Poplar Bark Tiles
  • Sanding

    *for interior applications only

    Sanded finishes are for interiors only and can only be done when the material is thick enough to accommodate having some of the cork removed to maintain variation between the valleys and ridges.  Only the Standard and Premium Grade material is thick enough for this purpose as it removes up to 1/4” of the cork material.

    Sanding reveals the swirling grain below the layer of the cork.  It offers a more consistent surface without the variation in the “peaks” of the natural material.  Sanded materials can be finished with paint or lacquer to create a more refined look.


    A sanded bark panel next to a natural bark tile.
  • Finish

    Adding a clear finish to the material helps the grain stand out on sanded bark, offering a rich background of varied tones and swirls.  Paint treatments add even more drama and customization options.  Although Bark House tiles are Class-B fire rated, some commercial projects may require a higher fire-rating.  In this case, check with the inspector in your area for the addition of FlameStop II.

    You may order a sample by clicking the link on the Navigation Bar.

    Natural (unfinished)

    Clear Lacquer

    A clear 10 sheen lacquer for a soft glow is applied. *sanding required

    Antique White

    This begins with a base coat of white that is sanded and wiped with a walnut stain and then finished with a clear 10-sheen lacquer topcoat. *sanding required

    Night Forest

    We begin with a base coat of silver before re-sanding and applying a top coat of black lacquer only on the ridges of the bark. *sanding required

    Tobacco Brown

    A walnut stain is applied to the sanded face and then clear coated with 10-sheen lacquer. *sanding required

    Custom Stain or Paint

    A representative will contact you. *sanding required

  • Surface Area

    This product is ordered in increments of square feet (sq ft).  The minimum order is 48 sq ft.

    To butt the material, simply multiply the height of your wall space by the length of the wall space and add 3% for waste.

    To lap the material, follow our step-by-step instructions.

    A.Measure the actual surface area of the walls to be covered.  Let’s say you need to cover 1200 square feet.

    B.You pay for the actual surface area of the tiles, not the coverage. So, we must calculate the extra needed for what you lap and hide.  This is your lap factor. We build in a small amount of waste for cutting around obstacles as well.  This is your waste factor.

    If using the recommended 2” lap, add the following predetermined lap and waste factor percentages to your total footage based upon the tile you have chosen.12% for 13” tiles or 1.12 times the 1200 feet you measured = 1344’15% for 18” tiles or 1.15 times the 1200 feet you measured = 1380’5% for 26” tiles or 1.05 times the 1200 feet you ordered = 1260’b.  If lapping more than 2 inches, divide the total lap that you are using by the tile length you have chosen and add 3 to 5% for general waste. For example, I want to buy 18” tiles and expose 15”. Thus, I will be lapping 3”. So, 3 divided by 18 is .167 or about 17%. Add the minimal amount of general waste of 3 % and you will then need to order an extra 20% or 1.2 times the surface area you need to cover.

    Rounding Up

    Last of all, bark tiles are palleted in specifically sized rows and banded to keep them flat and compressed.  We will round up your request to the closest square foot that matches a full layer.13” shingles are palleted in 4 square foot increments 18” shingles are palleted in 6 square foot increments 26” shingles are palleted in 8 square foot increments.

    1. Taking the example above from step 2, if you calculated 1260’ of 26” shingles and divide by 8’ per layer, you will get 157.5 layers. This will be rounded up to 158 layers or 1264’.
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Bark Species

Product Dimensions

  • Standard Grade.
    • 13” or 18” or 26” height by random widths typically 6” to 48” maximum
    • 9/16” minimum to 7/8” maximum thickness
  • Premium Grade.
    • 13” or 18” or 26” height by random widths typically 6” to 48” maximum
    • 15/16” minimum to 1-½” maximum thickness
  • Interior Grade.
    • 13” or 18” or 26” height by random widths typically 6” to 48” maximum
    • 3/8” minimum to 1/2” maximum thickness

Product Applications

  • Interior
  • Residential, commercial
  • Traditional, modern, rustic
  • Lapped
  • Butted edge (for interior)
  • Sanded for interior (with multiple paint or finish options)
  • Can be modified to meet stringent fire code standards


  • Flattened, kiln-dried, and precision squared
  • Precision squared for ease in installation
  • Kiln dried and sterile
  • ASTM E-84-05 Class B Fire Rated (results available upon request)
  • Meets California VOC Emission Standards
  • Reclaimed Forestry Waste Product
  • Biodegradable

Bark House® Poplar Bark Wall Tiles are the perfect way to bring nature into an interior space.  Reclaimed tree bark has a distinctive mottled taupe-grey color accented by occasional green moss and lichens.  The ridges and valleys of this unique material create interesting shadow lines inside rooms.  The bark is heat sterilized and sustainably manufactured.  No other eco-friendly wall finish comes close to the stunning beauty and quality of our bark wall tiles.  Choose from three grades, natural or multiple finishes.

Any of the three grades may be used on interior projects.  This choice can be purely aesthetic, or it can be functional in the case of areas where thickness is limited – such as cabinetry or if you prefer a sanded finish.  Sanding the surface reveals a swirling grain pattern.  Sanding can only be done when the material is thick enough to accommodate having some of the cork removed while maintaining variation between the valleys and ridges.  Only the Standard and Premium Grade products are thick enough for this purpose.  Sanded bark can be finished with paint or lacquer to create a more refined look.  We offer several color options as well as custom finishing.  Standard and Premium Grade products provide acoustic benefits.



Before you get started installing, first decide on the look that you prefer – lapped or butted.

To Lap Interior Tiles

If you want your shingles to lap like an exterior application then you will require a 1/2″ minimum wood substrate on the wall for attaching your shingles to. While you can nail the shingles up with regular-headed nails (minimum 2″), you may also opt to use crown staples as well. They are harder to see and acceptable for use in an indoor environment.  Fasten the bottom 1 inch up from the bottom edge, 1 inch in from either lower corner, and then every 3 to 4 inches in between.

To Butt Interior Tiles

If your preferred look is to square butt the shingles together, you may use the same technique as above, adding fasteners across the top edge. You can reduce the number of visible fasteners by troweling on a typical wood panel adhesive from a tub and only using enough fasteners to pin the shingles until the adhesive dries. If you are attaching to drywall, then the adhesive is a must. After gluing the shingle to the wall, shoot crown staples into the four corners angling away from the shingle to keep it pinned until the adhesive dries.

CAD Wall Details and Hatching

*Important Note about Single Surface Lamination* Any substrate that has a bark veneer or 3D wood attachment has the capacity to warp or cup. We do not recommend that panels “float” as in cabinet door applications without an additional back side lamination to balance it out. This may be achieved by laminating our bark treatment to both sides or by laminating a separate finish wood veneer.

There is no concern with single surface lamination when panels are affixed to studs or wall surfaces per our installation guide.


May qualify for LEED points based on locally or regionally sourced product


Recycling Centers are available in every county in each state across the country.  We’ll help you to identify the closest Recycling Center in your area that has Demolition and Construction Recycling Infrastructure. This decreases general landfill waste and improves the environment.


Simply mulch untreated BARK HOUSE® POPLAR PRODUCTS and allow them to add biological nutrients back in the soil.

Bark House Recycles

What are poplar bark wall tiles?

Bark House is the original design/manufacturer of Poplar Bark Wall Tiles.  This interior wall finish is manufactured from the peeled bark of Tulip Poplar Trees (Liriodendron tulipifera). The bark, which is historically a waste product in lumber operations, is harvested to become wall tiles before the logs reach the mill. The bark is graded, kiln dried, and squared with specific quality checks to ensure product longevity.  Bark House® Poplar Bark Wall Tiles are a regenerative product. 

Are poplar bark tiles a rustic, modern or a high-design product?

Poplar bark is the perfect material for every design style.  The muted tones juxtapose in commercial environments to add a natural element and a focal point, bringing a multitude of surfaces into context.

Are poplar bark wall tiles available now?

The harvest and manufacturing of bark siding is seasonal. Therefore, it is important that you contact our sales team and communicate your plan to use bark siding or interior wall tiles.  It is possible that the product will sell out, in a given year.  We will notify you if we begin to see inventory levels drop so you can meet your project timeline.    Take a look at the bark harvesting process

How does a finish affect the bark material?

Bark is a porous material.  Like the differing patterns of wood grain, the porosity of bark occurs in differencing degrees and in differing patterns.  When finishes are applied to the material, the inherent color underneath will be amplified, and the degree of saturation in each area across the face of the bark will varyTherefore, the finish on your Bark House sample (a unique piece) is not guaranteed to match 100% to the finish on your larger bark wall covering (of which no two are exactly alike).  Our finished samples and wall coverings are sprayed consistently over the face of the material.  If your project requires exact matches, then we will educate your finish expert about the nature of the material they are working with. 

 How long does it take to get poplar bark wall tiles?

The production of bark shingles has a limited annual harvest season. We manage these limitations when clients inform us about their project plans. Once seasonal production begins, we rapidly process pre-orders. It is not, however, unusual that we will sell out of product at the end of the year, just before our harvest season begins anew. Share your timelines with us and we can advise you about securing product for your project.

What sizes are available for poplar bark tiles?

Our tiles are available in interior, standard, and premium grades.  Grades are a function of thickness.  Tiles are available in 13”, 18”, and 26” heights. The widths of our tiles – all heights- will range from 6” to 48”.

What if I need a larger size tile?

If your project requires larger sizes than our shingle offerings, consider using our poplar bark panels.

 Are Bark House® Poplar Panels rated for fire resistance?

Poplar panels have been tested to be ASTM E-84-05 Class B Fire Rated, and a detailed report is available upon request.

How do I clean interior Bark House® poplar bark wall tiles?

Interior wall tiles can be dusted or vacuumed like any other wall covering, but be careful with the moss and lichens!

Are there samples of the bark tiles and finishes?

Yes!  We have 6″ x 6″ samples that you can easily order via our website page, Sample Kits. Bark House samples are not discards, cut-offs, or scrap.  They are hand-crafted just like full-sized products.  The RAW™ (Reclaimed Appalachian Wood Waste) material we procure is not a commodity.  When you feel the raw material of these products, we know that you are going to love the texture.  No other wall covering compares!

How much does a pallet of poplar bark tiles weigh?

Premium Grade weighs 2.25 lbs per sq ft

Standard Grade weighs 1.75 lbs per sq ft

Interior Grade weighs 1.5 lbs per sq ft

The packaging material is of nominal weight, but if you’re concerned, ask your customer specialist.

Does Bark House offer a trade discount or volume discount?

The majority of our clients are professionals, so that discount has already been accounted for in the price.  

Can I apply bark tiles to a block or cement surface?

Assuming the wall application is vertical and has proper overhangs, you would need to attach pressure-treated wood strips to the block or cement surface first.  Then attach ½” plywood and follow our standard bark tile installation guide.

How much will my bark tiles cost to ship?

Bark Shingles are shipped in the most economical way possible for the size of your order. Most shipments will be done via Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight, and the cost will depend on your order size and shipping location.  We are happy to provide you with a quote.  Please email [email protected].    

What is the minimum quantity of bark tiles that I can order?

Our minimum order is 48 square feet, regardless of Grade or Height. 

Can I customize bark tiles?

Product Options makes your fit and customization finish unique.  As you scroll down on our Bark House® Bark Shingle page you will get to choose your thickness, height, and finish options.  If you need this product laminated to a substrate for your specific application, we can do that too!

Chicago childcare center required shingles that were laminated to 1/4″ Hardie backer board.

Which tile height should I order?  Does tile height matter?

Options in product height allows your creativity to shine.  Unless you are working with an historical application where a specific shingle exposure is preferred, the choice of height is simply for aesthetics in design. 

Can Bark House help me to share my unique project with others?

Projects with Bark House products have been featured in over 250 well-positioned media outlets.  We want to celebrate the completion of your unique project.  Share your project with us!

Bark House Poplar Bark Tiles are kiln dried to 8% moisture content and stored in a climate-controlled warehouse prior to shipping.

After you receive your bark tiles you may find that you need to store them for a period of time prior to application. If so, there are two important guidelines to follow:

  • Keep your bark tiles stored in a dry weatherproof location, not outside under a tarp. If your bark tiles draw significant moisture, they can shrink on the wall after application and leave large lateral gaps.
  • Keep your bark tiles banded on the pallet. Un-banded bark tiles can warp and cup.*

*If you place a small order, we may be able to ship this via parcel freight.  In that case, your product will be un-banded and you need to plan for installation soon after receipt of the product.

Failure to follow these guidelines can compromise your finished application.

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