Each Bark House® Gold Birch Wall Panel is handcrafted to your specifications.  To purchase this product, select the OPTIONS from the list below and press the “REQUEST PRODUCT” button.

A member of our team will respond within 2 business days to discuss your order and timelines for handcrafting your custom bark wall finish.


  • Panel Size, Quantity, and Layout

    If your order includes multiple panels with different options, please briefly describe your project on the next page.

    After you complete the form, a member of our sales team will reach out to you to review the exact sizes that you need, the number of panels, and how you want the bark oriented on each panel.

    What you need to know:

    Panels that are up to a 4’x8’ size can be crafted on a ¼” birch substrate (or backer board) and are our most cost-effective option.  Panels that are greater than 4’x8’ and up to 5’x12’ can be crafted on a ½” MDF substrate.  You may select the thicker substrate for all panels if you desire in the OPTIONS below.


    You will specify the direction the bark is oriented on the panels.  Our craftsmen will orient the bark as it grows on the tree to the measurement that you specify as HEIGHT.  Our sales team will discuss this with you.

  • Substrate

    Gold Birch Bark must be laminated to a substrate.  The substrate used should be determined by your specific application.

  • Edge

    Choose the edge for your panel:

    We have two edge options for the panel seams:  Straight and Feathered.

    Straight edge

    The Straight edge fits against the next panel creating a visible seam.

    Feathered edge

    The Bark House® unique Feathered Edge supports the appearance of one continuous panel across the full span of your wall.  We position jagged edges of the bark to protrude past the joint to overlay onto the adjoining panel.

    The feathered edges are priced by the linear foot.  They are only needed where one panel joins another.  If you have a project needing multiple panels, it helps for us to have a rough drawing of how you plan for your panels to go together on your project:

    Read more about how feathered edges work.

  • Finish

    We prefer this product without a finish, but we do offer a polyurethane coat if this is what your application calls for. Applying this finish will darken and dull the natural gloss of the bark, and it will stiffen and occasionally curl the wisps of the outer tatters. However, the polyurethane coat will make the surface more tolerant of handling.


Bark Species

  • Product Dimensions
    • Actual bark is seldom thicker than 1/8”
    • Maximum Panel size with ¼” birch substrate is 4’ x 8’
    • Maximum Panel size with ½” or greater MDF substrate is 5’ x 12’
  • Product Applications
    • Interior
    • Residential, Commercial
    • Traditional to Modern
    • Walls, Ceilings, Fixture Inserts
  • Details
    • Panel surface is woven with multiple sheets of bark with edges concealed
    • Actual bark is seldom thicker than 1/8”
    • Can be laminated to ¼” birch plywood or ½” or greater MDF substrate or a Formaldehyde free substrate may be specified if desired
    • No minimum order required
    • Panels can be treated to meet stringent fire code standards
    • Panels may be coated with a dead Flat 2K Poly to protect and reduce flaking
    • Panels can be ordered with optional feathered overlapping edges to hide lateral joints
    • Reclaimed Forestry Waste Product

Bark House® Gold Birch Bark Wall Panels are derived from the yellow birch tree and were named to honor the world-famous red soled shoe designer who loves the golden hue and uses it in his international stores.  The yellow birch tree exudes an intimate golden bronze glow with a delightfully whimsical tattered texture.  The luminescent quality of the bark makes it the perfect backdrop for well-lit areas where light-play can be most celebrated.  This wall finish is not a good option for high-traffic areas that will be rubbed.

The yellow birch bark is sourced in the Appalachians with 100% grading and hand crafting at our Bark House shop in North Carolina.

*Important Note about Single Surface Lamination* Any substrate that has a bark veneer or 3D wood
attachment has the capacity to warp or cup. We do not recommend that panels “float” as in cabinet door applications
without an additional back side lamination to balance it out. This may be achieved by laminating our bark treatment
to both sides or by laminating a separate finish wood veneer.

There is no concern with single surface lamination when panels are affixed to studs or wall surfaces per our
installation guide.

What are Gold Birch Wall Coverings?

Bark House® Gold Birch Wall Coverings are monolithic panels handcrafted with the bark of yellow birch trees (Betula alleghaniensis). This bark is a luminescent gold tone with fringed edges that creates an abundance of texture and depth.  The characteristic of the curled fringes supports our craftsmen to weave smaller pieces of bark into a continuous tapestry that looks natural.  We can also provide feathering of the material over the panel edges so that seams will disappear between panels on installation.  All bark laminate panels were originally designed and created by Bark House cofounder, Marty McCurry. 

 What sort of style is gold birch?

Gold birch can be used in many styles! Here are some examples of projects that have been done…

How are laminate wall coverings priced?

Our Laminate Wall Coverings are priced by the square foot. The price will depend on the type of bark, the substrate material, and any finishes that you wish to add. Feathered edges are priced by the linear foot.

How are laminate wall coverings fabricated?

Each laminate order is custom fabricated, and every order is unique. We can fabricate panels ranging from 4’x8′ on 1/4″ on a birch plywood substrate, up to 5’x12′ on 1/2″ MDF substrate. We epoxy laminate the bark to your panels after our skilled craftsman carefully designs the piece.  You may choose an FSC backer and specify a glue of your choice for an additional fee.

 Can I custom cut the panel on-site?

Yes.  We advise using a finishing blade and a track saw.

Are Gold Birch panels one giant sheet of bark?

They sure look that way! Actually, they are made up of multiple smaller sheets of raw bark. Our craftsmen carefully weave them together to appear to be seamless.  The panels are a true work of art.

Can I use laminate wall coverings outside?

Bark House® laminate wall coverings are only recommended for interior use. If you have a unique exterior application in mind, please reach out to us to discuss potential solutions. 

If I’m butting two panels together, how do I approach the edge?

We can feather the adjoining edge of one panel so it can lap over the next. This will give a “seamless” appearance. Or you may choose to emphasize the edges by adding a strip of material of your choice between them.

What are feathered edges?

If you wish to hide the seam where two panels join, we offer feathered edges as a way to conceal them. The edge of your panel will have bark overhanging which can be overlapped onto the adjoining panel. Feathered edges are available on our White Birch and Gold Birch laminate veneers and are priced per linear foot.

What are Bark Lenticels?

A lenticel is an open pore that can be found on certain bark materials. The shape, color, size, and prevalence of lenticels is one of the characteristics used for tree identification.  It adds a distinctive quality to wall coverings.  In nature, they control gas and water vapor exchange. 

Is Gold Birch bark fragile?

Despite the shaggy texture, the feathery tufts of gold birch are surprisingly resilient to touch. Any initial shedding is minor, but if your panel’s location is subject to abuse, a polyurethane finish may be applicable.

Do I need a finish on Gold Birch bark?

There are various finishing options that can be added to your laminates, but they are not necessary. Finishes are applied for aesthetic reasons, with the exception of fire retardant, which may be required for some commercial installations.

Will a finish change the appearance of Gold Birch?

Applying a polyurethane coat will darken and dull the natural gloss of the bark. It will also stiffen and occasionally curl the wisps of the outer tatters. It will, however, make the surface more tolerant of handling.

How do I clean my interior bark wall coverings?

We recommend that you use the brush attachment on your vacuum for an occasional cleaning.

How do I install laminate wall coverings?

As with all of our products, we provide detailed installation instruction.  Our Laminate Wall Covering Installation guide is found here.

Can I Wrap the Gold Birch laminate around a Column? 

Bendable plywood will allow us to laminate Gold Birch to achieve a minimum 12-inch radius. 

Will the Gold Birch panel look just like the sample that I received?

The products are derived from natural material, so no two will be the same. If you have been inspired by a photo, let us know, and we will do our best to help you achieve a similar look.

Can I Wrap the White Birch laminate around a Column? 

We do not offer this option.

How much will it cost to ship my bark wall covering panels?

Bark Shingles are shipped in the most economical way possible for the size of your order. Most shipments will be done via Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight, and the cost will depend on your order size and shipping location.  We are happy to provide you with a quote.  Please email [email protected].    

How do I get an estimate for laminate wall coverings?

To place an order for laminate wall coverings, our sales team will need:

  • Type of bark laminate that you wish to order
  • Substrate type
  • Panel dimensions
  • Finishes/Feathering details
  • Shipping address details

See the section above labeled “Product Options” which will walk you through this process.

Does Bark House offer a trade or volume discount?

Bark House® Laminate Wall Coverings and Panels are custom fabricated for each individual client. We are unable to offer discounts on these products due to the level of craftsmanship that is required for every order. 

What is the minimum order needed to purchase laminate wall coverings?

We do not have a minimum order for Laminate Wall Coverings.  If you are looking for very small quantities, we do have 6″ x 6″ sample tiles that you can easily order via our sample page, Sample Kits.

Why is there an added fee for small panel sizes?

A number of factors dictates a 20% upcharge for panels less than 3ft x 3ft including project set-up fees, cutting down larger sheets of bark material, and the degree of difficulty working with a smaller scale. 

 Why is there an added fee for panels over 4 ft wide?

The main factor impacting the cost of wider panels is due to the difficulty in reaching across a wider field of work and the increase of internal weaving that must occur for the natural look of bark to be achieved.

We store Bark House Gold Birch Bark Laminates in a climate-controlled warehouse to prevent them from warping and wicking water.

If you need to store your Laminate Panels prior to installation we recommend that you:

  • Keep your Laminate Panels in their crate lying flat to prevent warping
  • Store your panels in a dry and secure location, not out in the elements, or under a tarp.

Failure to follow these guidelines can compromise your finished application

Manufacturing Bark House gold (yellow) birch bark laminate wall covering panels

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