Boutique Office For Charlotte Architects MSA

Charlotte Architect Office
Project Name:   MSA – Merriman Schmitt Architects and Orsborn Engineering Group Offices, New Construction Location: This is the NEW LOCATION for MSA – 605 Lexington Avenue / Suite 300 / Charlotte / NC Project Vision:  We wanted to create a new studio that had a blend of high-tech industrial aesthetic, balanced and softened by some natural … Continued

Shipping Costs for Large, Heavy, Irregularly Shaped Wood Products and Why Distance Matters

Bark House Wood Slabs
Each Bark House® Live Edge Wood Slabs and Mantels tell a unique & individual story of the forest they came from. It is no wonder that one of the first questions we receive is, “how would this ship to me?” Like many of our products, the Live Edge Wood Slabs and Mantels would ship via LTL freight. Meaning, it would be placed on … Continued


      Project Name:                   Classic Boat Museum – Private Location:                             Northern Minnesota Lake Project Vision:                  “The owners of this private estate wanted a space to store their collection of antique boats and awards.  They needed space at the lakeside to entertain guests. Nor-Son … Continued

Exterior White Birch

Sample of Bark House Product: White Birch Bark
White Birch Bark Wall Coverings are now available for Exterior Use. The papery birch bark is laminated to Extira® outdoor-rated MDF.  We can also provide field installation kits to accompany your order when choosing our feathered edge option to hide any visible seams at joints. No exterior finish is required if the panels are appropriately … Continued

Lisa Kanning, LUXE 2021 Gold List Honoree

Lisa Kanning Gold List Honoree
We would like to congratulate one of our dear designer friends, Lisa Kanning on being named a LUXE 2021 Gold List Honoree. Lisa has been a friend of Bark House for years and to see her talents honored is befitting. “Texture is integral in LKID interiors. While excitement can be created solely with the juxtaposition … Continued

The 8-Value-Adding Phases – (Part-1) A Regenerative Framework : Bark House Brand Poplar Bark Panel Manufacturing (Phases 1-4)

Bark House Poplar Bark Pabels
  Introduction “The ecological worldview roots of regenerative development and design are evident in very different ways of thinking, seeing and engaging with the world than those that have dominated green building and ecoefficiency approaches to sustainability. Regenerative thinking redefines the built environment – from the old, building-centric definition to one that includes the relationships … Continued

Welcome Dustin Moss – Logistics Manager

Dustin Moss
Dustin is a WNC native and graduate of Appalachian State University with a B.S. in Sociology and a passion for community organization.  His focus areas have included volunteer activities with the Carolinas Kiwanis and Key Club districts; advocacy of young adults; and rural economic advancement.  With an aim to have a positive impact in the … Continued

Bark House® Black Locust Split Rail Fencing – An Authentic Solution

Historic Bonham House with Black Locust Split Rail
Have A Historic Masterpiece –  Want A Timeless Look –  Need Something That Lasts Bark House® Black Locust Split Rail Fencing   – An Authentic Solution According to the National Historic Register: “The Bonham House (Flat Grove), ca 1780, can be classified in a style of American folk architecture known as the “ dogtrot ”, a design that evolved from two … Continued