A tour of the Bark House is like walking in a Blue Ridge Mountain Forest. 

Welcome to the Bark House, The Original Designer-Manufacturer of Poplar Bark Shingle Siding and Bark Wall Panels.

Bark House was founded in 1990 to demonstrate what a business system could mean for the human spirit when following the wisdom of the forest by partnering with the land. Ours would be a regenerative manufacturing process, in contrast to contemporary extractive business practices.

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"The Uncompromising,Quality Brand In Natural Wall Finishes" For Well-Known Tech, Fashion And Hospitality Industries.

The First

Bark House® is the original bark shingle and bark wall panel design manufacturer with 30+ years of experience.

Recipient of the Architectural Record Product of the Year and the world’s first Cradle-to-Cradle PLATINUM Certification

The Only

Bark House® is the only company where all grading and manufacturing have always been done in-house.

Recipient of the Carol Sanford Regenerative Business of the Year and John Ruskin Prize Finalist

For the Products That Last

No national grading standards exist for bark, unlike wood. We identified the characteristics that make bark siding beautiful and lasting.

Recipient of the B Corp Best For The World Award and Buckminster Fuller Catalyst Company

Bark House Co-Founders

The Founding Team

Marty and Chris McCurry are dynamic leaders in regenerative forest product manufacturing. They bring a new level to understanding the complex interconnection between society and the environment. They created a new niche market in the Forest Manufacturing Sector that provides deeper value to their clients. Both grew up and currently live in the biodiverse forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The two co-founded Bark House over thirty years ago.

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Company Milestones

Renowned for innovation in sustainable wall finishes, Bark House® bark wall panels honor the essence of the Appalachian forest and connect people to nature. Careful manufacturing and proprietary grading protect the pristine characteristics of the bark so its unique attributes can be celebrated int eh built environment. Thoughtful business practices build new capacity. From source, through manufacturing and installation, back to clean soil – the function of bark is elevated to adorn walls outside and within. Bill McDonough (author of Cradle to Cradle) shared this about Bark House, “…you are looking at a product that is almost a sacred thing… people are being honored with right-fit jobs, forests are being honored with sustainable forestry, and the buildings that use these materials are being honored with safe, healthy materials.”

Take A Look At Some Of Our Heritage Moments

Regenerative Design

The Bark House manufacturing facility is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains between Asheville and Boone, NC.  The majority of vendors deliver raw materials to us from within a fifty-mile radius of this facility.  All Bark House® products are handcrafted on-site. READ MORE.


Elevating The Regenerative Nature Of The Appalachian Forest Through The Crafting Of Bark Wall Finishes

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