The Bark House demonstrates qualitatively and quantitatively that which has been envisioned metaphorically– a factory can be like a forest.  Air, water and soil are improved in the local life-shed that’s impacted by company manufacturing processes. Like a forest, the Bark House enhances more than its place of origin.  Its products connect the local community and worldwide clients to nature in a way they state matters.   It is a regenerative company.

2017 Carol Sanford: Regenerative Business Forward-Thinking. Bark House.air, water, soil

More carbon is sequestered in waste bark reclaimed from the logging industry and held in beautiful wall coverings than is produced by all Bark House manufacturing processes.  The carbon equation accounts for the entire manufacturing process all the way back to tier- one vendors.  No water is used in the direct manufacturing of bark wall coverings.  The Bark House engages in watershed management and water stewardship initiatives to improve water quality.  The company’s primary products safely biodegrade to build clean soil at the end of their use as opposed to adding to the problem of landfill waste.  They are recycled and recyclable.

2015 Janine Benyus A forest does more than support itself. Bark House.community

The culture and prosperity of the community is enhanced through many Bark House initiatives that are right-fit for this place.  Jobs support the people of the region to work in a way that is important to them – independently and in direct contact with nature.  Worldwide clients are reconnecting to nature as she reclaims her place beside people in beautifully designed buildings.   This is an important attribute given that most people spend an average of ninety percent of their time today in the built environment.

2009: Bill McDonough Green House Like a Tree. Bark House.force of nature

The Bark House demonstrates how the triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity is actually a regenerative circle.  Third party certifications verify claims of this small company’s disruptive force in “business-as-usual”.  These include the world’s first and only Cradle to Cradle PLATINUM Certification™, B Corp Certification with “Best for the World” , and “Architectural Record Product of the Year” Awards.


1990: Bark House at Highland Craftsmen Founded Like Nature

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