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The BARK HOUSE Fabrication Team can create bark, twig, and log projects from your designs.  Our expert team has over thirty years of experience in understanding the characteristics, tolerances, and integration of Appalachian bark, twig, and log species.  If you do not identify a product on our website that meets your needs, we are happy to put our expertise to work on your project with a fee for service.

Services fall into one of two categories as determined by the in-house team.  We can work at an hourly rate or we can specify a project cost. Select the Fee for Service button below and fill out the form.  We’ll review your request and a team member will email or call within two work days.

You may want to start with our FULL COLLECTION to see if we have created a product that meets your needs, to save the additional consultation fees.

Bark was not a manufactured material for use in architecture until we created the products, methods, and supply chain.  If you are wondering about it, likely, we’ve already thought through it.

If you are unsure whether your project requires consultation from the Fabrication Team, the Sales Team is happy to listen to your goals and point you in the right direction. Drop us an email at [email protected].

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BARK HOUSE is an online shop with artisan-crafted, one-of-a-kind interior and exterior bark wall finishes and solid wood products sourced and made in Appalachia from the original design-manufacturer.

We ship larger projects worldwide.

Additionally, our custom fabrication team can be employed to craft bark, twig and log projects that you design.

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