Bark House Live Edge Slabs make a fabulous artist creation coffee table


Dan Nguyen – located in San Diego, California

Dan hopes to excite people with his work in a way that inspires questions. “How is it made? What inspired this piece? Why does this exist in the first place?”  He wants to make things that people are drawn to.

This custom wood coffee table was made for a client’s home that is still under construction. Dan states “It’s an amazing feeling knowing that he chose me to create such a monumental piece in his soon-to-be home”.

Living room with artist made live edge maple slab from highland craftsmenConcept:
This particular design is something that Dan has been mulling over for a while and has been itching to make.  The slab of wood selected played a major role in the way the final product looks.

The top is made of maple wood and block epoxy. There are brass rods inserted in the wood holes. The base is made of brass.  Dimensions: 4′ x 4′ x 17.25″

Bark House Live Edge Slabs make a fabulous artist creation coffee tableProcess:
Woodworking was Dan’s hobby – that became his life’s passion.  With a Masters in Architecture from Roger Williams University, he spent a few years working in an office setting.  He reflected on the fact that his energy and creativity was being driven by woodworking after hours.  His first pieces were commissioned by good friends and family, allowing his essential-self to be expressed, and now supported as a full time endeavor.  “This craft has given me so much life that I want to be surrounded by it for the rest of my life.”

Artist Dan Nguyen with his Maple live edge slab from bark housePurchase Tables:
website: www.nugeandwood.com



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