2016 B Corp Retreat Slated for North Carolina

Asheville B Corp Champions Planning Meeting

North Carolina has been announced as the host state for the 2016 B Corp Champion’s Retreat!  The event will begin in Raleigh-Durham October 11, 12 and 13th.  With a most gracious southern style of hospitality, the Asheville B Corp planning committee quickly included a week-end add-on to Asheville.  Participants may now choose to extend their trip to the mountains over the week-end (14, 15, 16th).  This will be in the heart of our beautiful fall leaf season.

As this post is going up, I am in the second planning meeting for the event.  Transportation, logistics and a list of activities that will excite (think LaZoom), nurture, and welcome B Corp participants.  For those wanting to experience a new way to “B the Change” in business and community, this is an amazing venue.  The group has been busy reviewing ways to include our neighbors and highlight regional specialties.  WNC has a long history in conservation that is particularly suited to the mission of B Corp.  With all the elements that make our area truly unique, the chore is to take care to include as much diversity as possible.

We will be inviting businesses that have already shown interest in becoming a Certified B Corp to participate in the planning and activities.  If you have not been aware of the monthly lunch and learns or special evening gatherings that have taken place in Asheville over the last year, please feel free to email me with your interest.

NC currently has 32 – B Corp Certified Companies, 1 –  Founding B Corp (Big Path Capital), 2 –  early adopters (2008 – Redwood and Bark House) and 2 – “Best for the World” awarded companies (Redwood and Bark House).  Will you B the next?

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