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2017 Regenerative Business Prize Honorees Announced


This September, the 2017 Regenerative Business Honorees were announced ahead of the Regenerative Business Summit in Seattle, Washington on September 25th through the 27th.  The recipient of the “Adorning Category” is The Bark House of Spruce Pine, North Carolina.  Summit Founder, Carol Sanford shared that that if she was in a space with Bark House wall coverings, she would know that she had found a place where she belongs.

What makes Bark House wall coverings so compelling?  How are the products and this company’s practices regenerative?  Why does the regenerative process deserve our utmost attention?

In the world of fake everything, it is reassuring to find something authentic.  Products that directly reflect the environment, quality of life and belonging are compelling.  Moreover, if you want to know the measure of authenticity of a brand, there is nothing better than what others say in the absence of that company.  Authenticity is even more evocative when its roots can be tracked to reveal genuine core values evidenced through time.  Stories about The Bark House and the beauty of its products can be seen here:  These stories are the words of architects, builders, clients, designers, employees and vendors that reach back over the span of the company’s twenty-five plus year history.  They are not the company expressing what it is trying to do for the benefit of others, but rather the experiences of others in relation to Bark House practices and products.

There is no better expert to explain the emerging paradigm of regenerative business and its important principles than Carol Sanford.  That is why this honor is so meaningful.  Carol is on a mission to create a better world, and she believes that business can and will play a major role in accomplishing that. It is noted that central to Carol’s philosophy and approach is a “fresh look” at what makes an organization truly regenerative. To that end, she has been leading major consulting change efforts in both Fortune 500 and new-economy businesses for more than 30 years.  Carol explains that Regenerative Principles are found only through the world of living systems which allow us to understand the world as alive and “at work”.  Those principles are honored through the work of The Bark House to renew the environment (air, water and soil), a quality of life in its own and world communities that is reconnected to nature, and whole-communities for all.

The potential to work regeneratively, is not a far-fetched ideal.  It has been realized by companies intent to create places where life belongs and thrives.  This is a developmental process that is not limited by the bounds of one person in one organization, but it certainly can start there.  This is an accessible process that can do no less than offer a method to business, education, healthcare and government systems to address the multitude of converging crises of humanity that challenge us today.

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About Bark House:

The Bark House product and process inputs have been verified through third parties as reflected in B Corp and the world’s first and only Cradle to Cradle PLATINUM Certifications.  Architectural Record Product of the Year and B Corp Best for the World Awards reflect commitment to whole-design.  This Regenerative Business Award pulls it all together.  Authenticity is more than a luxury, it is essential to belonging.  People are being reconnected to the natural environment and building whole-communities.  Manufactured products are actually improving water quality, holding free carbon in the built environment and building clean soil as opposed to landfill waste.  Local economies are growing stronger with right fit jobs that people have pride and true ownership in.

Honorees in other categories include:

Natural Habitats, New Chapter, Lake|Flato Architects, Permaculture Artisans,  HowGood and New Hope Network.

The distinguished jury that selected the 2017 honorees:
● Jeffrey Hollender—Founder of Seventh Generation, B Lab, and Sustain Natural; 2017 Regenerative Business Prize sponsor;
● Lauren Yarmuth—Portfolio Director, Design for Change Studio at IDEO; 2017 Regenerative Business Prize jury chair;
● Manoj Fenelon—Faculty, Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts’ Design for Social Innovation Program, former Director of Innovation at Pepsico;
● Kala Fleming, Ph.D—USA Strategic Innovation Leader at IBM; Water & Civil Engineer at IBM Kenya;
● Pam Hinds—Professor at Stanford University, Department of Engineering and Managing Science;
● Pamela Mang—Founder of Regenesis Group, author of Regenerative Design and Development;
● Tom Newmark—Co-owner of Finca Luna Nueva Lodge;
● Ricardo Peon Gonzales—Venture Investor and President Emeritus of the Mexico Conservancy Fund;
● Richard Piacentini—Executive Director of Phipps Conservatory, 2016 Regenerative Business Prize Honoree;
● Dr. Sarah Slaughter—Co-founder of MIT Sustainability Institute, CEO of the Built Environment Coalition, Founder of MOCA Systems;


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