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December 27, 2021

Architectural Digest

Lamb & Young extended blackened steel panels on view in the entry area to the kitchen, where they join subtly veined white quartzite and tree bark tiles speckled with lichen and woodpecker holes.

December 27, 2021


The Christian Louboutin and 212box-Eric Clough teams sourced their siding from Bark House as part of an environmentally conscious approach to the project, which was championed by Miami Design District developer Craig Robins. “The materials chosen for the exterior and interior are straight out of nature’s library.” Tree bark tiles cover the exterior of the … Continued

December 27, 2021

Arch Daily

Notable pieces include a thirty-foot tall bark wall that nods to Nike’s Oregon roots. The main directive architecturally and graphically – was to highlight the synergy between New York City and Nike. The direction is manifested through materials, imagery, illustration, custom typography, and space. New York City is raw, never finished, and constantly reinventing itself. … Continued

December 27, 2021


What makes the design and planning for the Asplundh Cancer Center unique is the client’s vision of a healing environment for cancer patients that also helps heal the building site itself.

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