Orientation by height

We will orient the bark of your panels as it grows on a tree to the measurement that you specify as HEIGHT

For example, a 4’x8’ sheet would typically be oriented on a wall as 48” Width and 96” Height.  If you were using a 4’x8’ sheet as a headboard, then you would want to note 96” Width and 48” Height.  This way, the bark is oriented on the wall in both situations as it would grow in nature.

Feathered edge orientation

The Bark House® unique Feathered Edge supports the appearance of one continuous panel across the full span of your wall.  We position jagged edges of the bark to protrude past the joint to overlay onto the adjoining panel.

The feathered edges are priced by the linear foot.  They are only needed where one panel joins another.  If you have a project needing multiple panels, it helps for us to have a rough drawing of how you plan for your panels to go together on your project:

Example for a 4 panel project:


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