Installation Instructions

Your Bark House® Subway Tile Panels are manufactured with a 1/2″ MDF substrate which makes for a smooth flat backing. The panels are quite heavy at 2.7 lbs. per square foot, so ensure you have adequate assistance in lifting. There are several possible attachment techniques, but the most common are either using Z-clips or panel adhesive and trim fasteners. If using Z-clips, please refer to the manufacture’s recommendations taking into account the weight of the panel. If you are using a panel adhesive, simply apply the adhesive to the back of the panel or the wall it is being attached to. Lift and push the panel into place. You may now use trim screws or finish nails to fasten the panel securely to the wall by hitting the studs. Fasteners need only be applied every 16 to 24 inches up the stud as they are mainly holding the panel in place until the adhesive dries.

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