• Height & Width:

    length = 97" (8' 1")
    thickness = 2.5"
    avg width = 23" (1' 11")
    length = 2.46m
    thickness = 6.35cm
    avg width = 58.42cm
  • Species:

  • Type of Slab:

  • Shipping:

    Pickup only or call for custom quote.

    Due to the expense of shipping large, heavy, irregular items, we encourage you to plan to pick up your slab or mantel at our shop. However, we can provide a custom shipping quote at your request or work with your freight carrier.


Sanded finishes are for interiors only and can only be done when the material is thick enough to accommodate having some of the cork removed to maintain variation between the valleys and ridges.  Only the Standard and Premium Grade material is thick enough for this purpose as it removes up to 1/4” of the cork material.

*all panels can have the 2K Poly or FlameStopII applied, but other finishes can only be applied to panels that have been sanded first. 

Clear Lacquer

A clear 10 sheen lacquer for a soft glow is applied.

Antique White

This begins with a base coat of white that is sanded and wiped with a walnut stain and then finished with a clear 10-sheen lacquer topcoat.

Night Forest

We begin with a base coat of silver before re-sanding and applying a top coat of black lacquer only on the ridges of the bark.

Tobacco Brown

A walnut stain is applied to the sanded face and then clear coated with 10-sheen lacquer.

Gilded White

A base coat of gold finish is applied followed by a white coat on the ridges. The white is then sanded and wiped with a walnut stain.

Aged Black

Black lacquer is applied to the ridges and then sanded and top-coated with a 10-sheen lacquer.

Custom Stain or Paint

A representative will contact you.

Bark House® Poplar Panel Wall Coverings can be laminated to any substrate of your preference that is 1/2″ thick or greater.

The natural grain of the bark will be oriented to the measurement that you give us for the height.

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