Bark House

Apartment Therapy

June 21, 2010
Buy Bark House exterior poplar bark shingles siding for your home

Bark House Eco-Friendly Shingle Siding

For an eco-friendly alternative to traditional siding, take a look at Bark House. Their siding shingles are made of natural or reclaimed poplar bark sustainably harvested within a 100-mile radius from the manufacturing facility. These Cradle-to-Cradle-certified shingles have an incredibly long life (upwards of 80 years), contain no chemical paints, stains or sealers, are virtually maintenance free, and of course, completely biodegradable.

Bark House uses no water in the manufacturing and very little grid energy. The shingles are C2C-certified at the Gold Level for their material content, recyclability and manufacturing characteristics, and they qualify for up to 7 LEED points.

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