Bark House


February 1, 2010
Bark House exterior poplar bark siding

Bark Shingles: If it Works For Trees, Why Not Houses?

It wasn’t easy; they had to figure out how to make it out of poplar instead of chestnut. How to dry them and install them. They then went after just about every green certification that means anything, including Cradle to Cradle (what could be better than bark for that?) CA Section 01350 for VOCs and FSC chain of custody.

Their sourcing is sustainable as well, since the trees are being cut for the furniture industry and the bark is usually just left to rot or is burned.

It is also completely maintenance free, without any treatment or finish at all. Vinyl lasts maybe 20 years; cedar needs staining every 10 years or so, but bark shingles installed on buildings in 1895 are still going strong.

Lloyd Alter