Bark House

Water Stewardship


  • Water is a precious natural resource and an essential human right.
  • Advocate and educate for water balance and purity.
  • Water is another way that we connect to the values of our stakeholders.


The logging industry focuses on the impact that the harvesting of trees causes to watersheds.  We do this, plus we enact procedures to protect water quality and balance at our manufacturing facility as well.

  • The company’s material procurement model utilizes small logging crews, with less equipment on small tracts and has a lighter impact on the environment.
  • Loggers are trained in water stewardship and have state governed logger certifications.
  • No water is used in direct manufacturing.  The “Industry” sector uses 5% of US fresh-water.
  • Bark House participates in water stewardship initiatives, stream bank restoration and stream protection initiatives to improve water quality in the Appalachian Region.
  • We advocate for and educate about clean water.
Bark House expert crew went with the 8th graders to help clean up one of the local rivers