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THE PROBLEM: Worldwide, a new built environment the size of New York City is completed every month.  One of the largest impacts on climate change is in how building-products are manufactured.  The innate-power of product-makers and users has been discounted.  These elements represent the greatest voluntary investment and cost to people and the planet.  Changing the strategy of this system is urgent.

THE POTENTIAL FOR ALL: Bark House® bark wall coverings are designed to uplift the simplicity of bark and the complex strategy of nature into buildings and the building of communities.  The impacts of our Whole-Building™ system are demonstrated on environmental, human, and systems scales.  The same Whole-Building™ system is transferable to other sectors to regenerate business and systems.




Inputs have been verified over a ten-year period that saw Bark House® as the first and only company in the world to achieve a Cradle to Cradle Platinum level product certification, and multiple B Corp Best for the World Awards.  Outcomes are recognized by the distinguished Buckminster Fuller Institute and in stories from stakeholders that express the benefits of working with Bark House®.

The bark tree covering is translated directly as interior and exterior wall coverings.  They are recognized as an Architectural Record Product of the Year and showcased in over 250 important media outlets.  Their 3-D texture with lichens, bird-peck and distinctive character marks is uniquely compelling.

The strength of client investment is now creating a Living-Legacy that clients are proud to share.


WHOLE-BUILDING™ at the Bark House® encompasses how materials are grown, sourced, & manufactured as well as product end of life disposition.  Further, it supports the innate power of makers and clients. W-B is regenerative to people and planet.




① GROWN: Forests are naturally regenerative with industry following best practices.  Small 2-3 person crews have less impact on forest soil to support forest regeneration.

② SOURCED: RAW™ (Reclaimed Appalachian Wood Waste) is sourced in a 100-mile radius of the facility. 60% of BH income invested in economically depressed region.  Right-fit nature-based jobs created.  Family farms remain intact.

③ MANUFACTURED: Solar powered. Hand processing.  No chemical additives. No water used.  Healthy water-sheds.  Carbon-neutral. Specific initiatives support employees to develop.

④ END-OF-LIFE: Products biodegrade at EOL to build clean soil.

⑤ INNATE POWER OF MAKERS AND CLIENTS: This strategy reconnects makers and clients to nature.  Their essence is re-kindled.  They are tangibly supported in, and actively supportive of nature’s regenerative process




Designers, makers, product consumers, educators and leaders across sectors are needed to achieve system-wide change


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Architectural Record and Regenerative Business AWARDS Verify Our Deep Commitment to Whole-Buildingbark-house-recycles-poplar-bark-products

"Quality is not a goal here… It’s a way of life."

Marty McCurry