Helping Build What’s Next

The Bark House staff have been very engaged during these summer months helping craft “what’s next in the built environment”.  Although there is a lot to be celebrated that will be discussed here, there is also a lot to be done.  We’ll be sharing more on that later.

Living Products Expo 2016: Chris McCurry of Bark House was a Panel speakerI just spoke at the Living Products Expo in Pittsburgh, PA.  The Expo is part of the International Living Future Institute, a “non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to catalyzing a global transformation toward true sustainability. The Institute seeks partnerships with leaders in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in pursuit of a future that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative”.  Right after returning to NC, the Bark House co-sponsored a conversation in Asheville with Lewis Perkins, Director of the Cradle to Cradle® Institute.  C2C’s motto is “Safe ingredients, perpetually cycled, manufactured in ways that respect humans and the environment.” Both events focused on important issues in the built environment such as material health, environmental impacts and the abundance of different building certification strategies that are emerging in the market today.  As users of products, we are all a part of this conversation.  At Bark House, we believe that the stakes are even higher for manufacturers and specifiers of these products.  Furthermore, we feel it is especially important that there is representation at these events from small companies.  It is not always the loudest voice in the room that has the greatest insights to offer, and it may not be the quietest voice either.  But both should have a space at the table.

cradle-2-cradleTherefore, we are celebrating that a small company earned a certification level that has been deemed by many as impossible.  Yes, I will say it again – A Cradle to Cradle® Platinum Certification for our exterior poplar bark wall coverings.  That enabled us to sit at the table, and share our voice in this round.

If you are planning to attend the GreenBuild Conference in LA on October 5-7, look for our bark wall coverings on the feature walls behind the fireplace in the living room and behind the bed in the bedroom as well as outside on the exterior.  Project designers are already loving them.greenbuild-bark-house-interior-wall-panels

Plus, we have a host of new projects (thanks to great designers) that we are very excited to share with you as they are completed.  Bark House wall coverings have been specified by 212Box to adorn the interiors of multiple Christian Louboutin boutiques world-wide.  The exterior of the new Miami Design District Flagship store will showcase the products on the exterior as well.  We can’t wait to show you – but we’ll have to!

We have now sold Bark House products in all 50 states and 10 countries!  Watch for our website translation in German that is upcoming.

We want to celebrate and say thank you for helping make all this possible in our world of BARKITECTURE!

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