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Interior decorative wall coverings in a Denver powder room


Interior decorative wall coverings in a Denver powder room

Rustic Artistry

“This … powder room combines bark, burnished metal, stone and the amber glow of a shaded pendant light. Finds from the forest fit right into the style, which also echoed the ornate Victorian and stout Arts & Crafts décor that was popular during the Great Camps’ heyday.”

Rustic Luxury poplar bark exterior siding in The Blue Ridge Mountains

Hang a Shingle

“The exterior of classic Adirondack camps featured a mix of organic materials. From logs to wood shakes to stone, Mother Nature supplied the style. Poplar bark shingles follow the tradition – especially when accented with the red window trim so beloved by yesteryear’s Adirondack elite.”

Branch Out

“Naturally bent branches or curving willow were often used as railings or trim for porches in the Adirondacks. Swiss chalet style surfaces on larger Great Camps, with the addition of overhanging balconies and gingerbread trim. Log posts and beams with bark intact fit perfectly with the style.”

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