Shipping Costs for Large, Heavy, Irregularly Shaped Wood Products and Why Distance Matters

Bark House Wood Slabs

Each Bark House® Live Edge Wood Slabs and Mantels tell a unique & individual story of the forest they came from. It is no wonder that one of the first questions we receive is, “how would this ship to me?”

Like many of our products, the Live Edge Wood Slabs and Mantels would ship via LTL freight. Meaning, it would be placed on a pallet and secured to the pallet. As you can imagine, shipping costs on these Live Edge Wood Slabs and Mantels are going to be high due to the length, weight, and how irregular these unique products are.

Other factors play into this as well, is the slab getting delivered to a residence or a commercial location? Do you have a forklift or dock? Will the Driver have to lower your product down with a liftgate? All of these questions will affect the overall shipping price to your location.

We have seen that many of our clients who order beyond a 150-mile range will spend more on shipping than the product (depending on the various factors mentioned above). We encourage you to take this into account as you browse our online catalog.

Clients who have the ability to pick up the Live Edge Wood Slabs or Mantels may do so.

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