Google Offices Around The World Integrate 7 Healthy Attributes Specified By Their Employees


“Google’s Healthy Materials Moonshot” webinar produced with Cradle to Cradle Institute, reveals the items Google employees identified as important in their work environment.

Air / Sound / Light / Nature (inside) / Natural Resources (energy, water, waste) / Healthy Materials / Nature (outside)

Why Google Is Involved In Building  Design and Construction

“Everyone knows Google for lightning fast search results, advanced technology, self-driving cars, and having fun with our logo.  Not everyone knows that our people work in buildings that are just as innovative as our technology.  Constructing buildings isn’t our core business, but we apply the same focus as our products, putting users first.  The result:  we create healthy and productive work environments that inspire and energize our people”

More Freedom for Design and Construction Teams

“Google’s Portico is an online resource for architects, designers and contractors to find the latest innovative healthy materials and products to specify for Google projects.  As more products and materials are entered into the database, architects and designers enjoy increasing freedom to design the most innovative, creative, productive, and healthy buildings possible.”

Google Values Healthy Work Places

In Business, employees can make or break you.  Business leaders wanting to get an edge to attract and retain the best, understand their value and their values.  More and more, employers are providing benefits beyond salary, flex-time and health insurance, they provide healthy places of work.  Employees want spaces built with materials that are VOC and carcinogen free.  They want nature infused into their inside spaces.


Bark House® Regenerative Poplar Wall Coverings Solve 6/7 Issues Identified As Important By Google Employees: Cradle to Cradle Certified™ PLATINUM

Air…  Passes CA VOC Testing Standards

Sound…  Acoustic Properties Dampen Sound Vibration

Nature (inside)…  RAW, textures of natural bark wall coverings connect people and nature in the built environment

Natural Resources (energy, water, waste)…  Made with Solar Energy.  Carbon Neutral.  No Water Used, Active Water Stewardship. 100% Biodegradable

Healthy Materials…  C2C Certified Healthy Material with Platinum Certification

Nature (outside)…  Appropriate sourcing and practices ensure that forests regenerate

Other…  100% sourced and made in the USA, well over 50% of income goes directly back into the local community

Poplar Bark wall treatments add 3D texture to office reception space

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