My Favorite Tiny House

Bark House Poplar Bark in tiny house with steampunk industrial light fixture

My favorite tiny house is one that you rent as an Airbnb / VRBO or have as an extra space for visiting guests.  Otherwise, the market research reflects that owners find them challenging to live in full-time, and they do not hold resale value as a standalone home.  However, they are cute and present the rural home owner with an opportunity to see just how creative you can be with space and multi-purpose furniture.  I love pouring through the plethora of YouTube videos exploring the possibilities.  Whether your idea of the perfect tiny house is rustic or modern, we have some great ideas to share for exterior and interior finishes.

Bark House Poplar Bark in tiny house with steampunk industrial light fixtureThe first has a modern interior designed by CaraGreen.  It has clean lines and the creative integration of lighting really accents the texture of the bark.  This home can be rented on Airbnb.  Another benefit is that the bark wall covering dampens the interior noise (great for any crowded space – large or small).

Bark House Poplar Bark Wall Panels in a tiny house airbnb

The second tiny house is rustic in design and blends beautifully at the waterside.  This house was built by Clayton Homes.  The bark exterior not only looks great, but adds an insulative value to the home, increasing product function while respecting space.  Also, forget maintenance as the bark shingles don’t require any paints, stains or sealers to function outdoors and look great.

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