Annie Selke and Bark House Wall Sheets, Panels, Wall Coverings

“Do you know what ‘Hygge’ is?” Raika who works with our German Distributor – Freund asked.  “It is very important to people here.”

“Hygge was never meant to be translated. It was meant to be felt,” translator ToveMaren Stakkestad has written.

It can be described as the notion that returning to nature is akin to coming home.  Bringing nature inside maintains that deep sensation of connectedness that begs a weary soul to relax .  Variations of muted tones, a soft aroma of sweet trees and textures with complex patterns that only nature can produce – Bark House speaks Hygge: The Danish Secret to HappyLiving.

The World Happiness Report has the Danes ranked number one and their practice of Hygge quickly gaining worldwide recognition.  One of the most basic tenants to Hygee is the appreciation of nature and natural elements.  “Hygge is a sensory-driven experience. You should taste it, smell it, feel it- even be it. One attribute that stays consistent throughout the different practices of Hygge: every one of the senses should be stimulated by an element of nature. And, because 71% of Danes said that they experience the most Hygge in their homes, the Danes have found ways to bring the outdoors, indoors.”  https://www.tomorrowsworldtoday.com/news/2018/03/14/nature-hygge/

Natural elements insulate us from outside distractions and the rhythms of the human world.  Being surrounded with RAW natural elements aligns focus to the present moment and simple delights inducing a healing effect.  Nature’s patterns regenerate us.

Annie Selke and Bark House Wall Sheets, Panels, Wall Coverings
Natural Materials And Textures Celebrated With Annie Selke Bedding And Bark House Wall Coverings

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