Regenerative Building Material a Product of Whole-Building

Regenerative Building Materials: Bark House Products... natural bark wall covering, panels, sheets


Whole-Building mobilizes investment in the built environment to improve the health and vitality of communities and nature.  This practice views “building” as an opportunity to engage the essential capacity of all stakeholders to participate in communal, economic and environmental enrichment as an integral function of creating a built-environment.

This process begins, seeking first to understand the unique potential that a product, a building or a community has. When shared alignment occurs, these connections engage new energy that supports growth from within.

Bark House® products are made in a Whole – new way that gives you the assurance that we are honoring the place the products are sourced while also caring for the planet.

All Bark House products are made in Spruce Pine, North Carolina.  All Bark House RAW™ materials are sourced in the Appalachian Region.  This proximity means that we can directly monitor our impacts –  human and environmental – and be accountable for them.  In the manufacturing world, this is a very unique proposition.

The Bark House® Whole-Building™ System responsibly cares for the air, water, soil and forests leaving natural systems healthier.

The World’s First And Only Product To Receive A Cradle to Cradle® PLATINUM Certification

Better for the Planet: Bark House Natural Regenerative Products

Whole-Building™ is the practice of engaging human systems co-operatively with nature to build whole-communities.

The Bark House has been a B Corp “Best For The World” and Regenerative Business Award recipient.

You are investing in more than a building.  You are investing to rebuild people’s lives both locally and globally.

Consumers have come to expect business practices to extract from the planet and from people.

We encourage you to demand more. The work of Bark House has been recognized through the Buckminster Fuller Challenge as a Catalyst in whole-systems design.  This supports designers and clients to enliven the essence and potential of projects as they invest in their living legacy.

Bark House Build Regenerative Building Materials for whole communities

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