Opening with star-studded events, 1 Hotel is recognized for making Sustainability Sexy

And where would we find Bark House wall coverings?  Behind the Stars, In the Secret Garden – of course.

1 Hotel West Hollywood Preview Dinner in West Hollywood 06/06/2019 Hosted by Barry Sternlicht

Guests included Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder in front of Bark House Wall Coverings

Upon entering the 1 Hotel grounds, guests are welcomed into an enchanted Secret Garden.  A splash of Bark House Poplar Tiles hints at what is to follow behind the closed doors.  The bark covering seamlessly transitions from the outside garden to the inside, with roughly textured down the length of the central hallway.  Nature welcomes guests to relax and unwind in a unique destination.

Hollywood 1 Hotel which features Bark House Brand Poplar Bark wall covering Shingles

The A-List of press coverage reads impressively as well…


modern urban oasis

things somehow seem to slow down

feeling of concrete jungle-meets-nature carries throughout the 1 Hotel‘s entrance and into the sprawling lobby

the ethos here, like Sternlicht’s other 1 Hotels, is deeply rooted in cause-driven sustainability

everything from the flooring to the keys and in-room hangers are made of reclaimed wood

it’s refreshing to see that the do-goodery doesn’t sacrifice the service, or the aesthetics

Starwood’s inhouse designer Tony Machado utilized elements of biophilic design, implementing natural materials, vegetation, and natural light to create an environment that’s both modern and visually pleasing


inspired by the raw natural beauty of the southern Californian landscape

focusing on the simplicity of raw materials

Barry Sternlicht. “Now, more than ever, the idea of living well includes protecting the natural beauty around us.”

Secret Garden: 1 Hotel West Hollywood Opens With Greenery At Its Heart


earthy-inspired style that’s more green-chic than granola crunch

that earthy 1 aesthetic

and the entrances—even the port cochère—are on their way to looking more like enchanted forests than concrete jungles

the result is a showstopper that has taken a once-generic modern hotel and given it both personality and purpose

And Many More…

Visit West Hollywood

West Hollywood is a city of trendsetters—from the stylish shoppers browsing the designer boutiques to the celebrity chefs presenting their latest culinary creations and the up-and-coming musicians playing their hearts out on the Sunset Strip. This city has always been ahead of the curve on trends in design and architecture, especially around green building. The newly renovated 1 Hotel West Hollywood, with its earth-conscious elegance and innovative environmental practices, exemplifies this shift toward sustainability.

Way back in 2007, the City of West Hollywood became one of the first cities in the United States to adopt mandatory green building ordinances. In 2019, they expanded the requirements even further, adding energy-efficient outdoor lighting, electric-vehicle charging stations, the use of recycled water to irrigate landscaping, and more. Two of the city’s newest hotels are sumptuous examples of how to do sustainability right.

1 Hotels’ companywide commitment to sustainability guided the recent renovations at 1 Hotel West Hollywood, which expects to become certified LEED Silver in the next few months. The hotel pushes the boundaries of sustainability without compromising on luxury. Hannah Bronfman, 1 Hotels’ Director of Sustainability and Impact, says, “We really want to focus on reconnecting our guests and our team members with nature while being a platform for change so that we help move the needle forward. A big part of that is bringing nature back from the outdoors into our internal spaces so that we start to care for it and love it again.”

The new hotel blends five-star luxury with rustic simplicity. Tony Machado and Christopher Kochuba, Vice Presidents of Design at 1 Hotels’ parent company SH Hotels & Resorts, worked with 1 Hotels to create a biophilic design. Bronfman explains that the term literally translates as “love of nature,” but it’s also a design principle: “It’s a scientific design practice which says that if you incorporate natural elements and patterns, natural textures, and natural materials into your design spaces, people have a physical reaction to that where they are more relaxed, where they feel calm, and they feel secure. So we incorporate natural materials, patterns, textures into our hotels as a means to create that sense of serenity.”

One of the most striking features is the use of raw, reclaimed wood throughout the hotel in everything from planters to the reception desk.

1 Hotel West Hollywood show that it’s not only possible to combine sustainability and luxury, but that the combination takes hospitality to the next level.

RCH Studios

premium hospitality is casting off its stodgy reputation and repositioning the hotel as a destination for an authentic, curated experience.

This oasis beckons all travelers – from humans to birds and butterflies. It’s open to hotel guests and all walkers-by – a public/private space connecting anyone with a few moments to linger with a little bit of nature.

By infusing nature into the 1 Hotel Hollywood property in various moments across the property a new, yet authentic sense of place provides travelers with a unique and yet quintessentially LA experience.

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