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Poplar Bark Shingle Siding And Wall Tiles

Regenerative Product


Luxury wood shingle siding that is harvested with environmentally friendly practices and attention to timing, using methods created exclusively at Bark House® – this tulip poplar wood paneling is a reclaimed waste product of the logging industry. The Bark House® 5-point quality control protocol ensures precision in manufacturing.  Application techniques should be followed precisely.

Naturally elegant, standard-grade bark shingles are the flagship of our exterior siding options. You may also choose the thicker, premium grade to obtain course deep furrows and a more pronounced shadow line. Interior grade wood shingle siding provides the perfect natural texture for indoor spaces.

Bark House® Poplar Bark Siding adorns and protects the finest homes, lodges, and commercial buildings across every region of the United States and Internationally. Maintenance-free and sustainably manufactured, no other eco-friendly siding product comes close to the stunning beauty and richness of our designer shingles.  As an interior wall covering, the rich 3D texture of this poplar bark siding is only matched by its acoustic and insulation values. There is no substitute for nature’s beauty in a living space.

Poplar Bark Wall Tiles are the world’s first and only product to have achieved a Cradle to Cradle® Platinum Level Certification (2017-2018) Gold (2007 – 2017).  The certification is wholistic and rigorous in scope with third party verification of: material health, material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness.

100% sourced and made in the US.  Bark House® invests over 50% of its income directly back into our local Appalachian economy.  See what makes us Authentically good…

Details And Dimensions


  • Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)


  • Exterior, interior
  • Residential, commercial
  • Traditional, modern, rustic


  • Lapped
  • Hand chopped edge
  • Butted edge (for interior)
  • Sanded for interior (with multiple paint or finish options)
  • Can be modified to meet stringent fire code standards


Standard Grade

  • Thickness: ½” minimum to 7/8” maximum
  • Width: Random widths from 6” minimum to 48” maximum
  • Length: 13”, 18”, or 26”; Custom sizing available

Premium Grade

  • Thickness: 15/16” minimum to 1 1/2” maximum
  • Width: random widths from 6” minimum to 48” maximum
  • Length: 13”, 18”, or 26”; custom sizing available

Interior Grade

  • Thickness: 5/16” minimum to 7/16” maximum
  • Width: random widths from 6” minimum to 48” maximum
  • Length: 13”, 18”, or 26”; custom sizing available


  • Exterior longevity recorded at 80 years / maintenance free
  • Precision squared for ease in installation
  • Kiln dried and sterile
  • ASTM E-84-05 Class B Fire Rated (results available upon request)

For Professionals


May qualify for LEED points based on locally or regionally sourced product


Recycling Centers are available in every county in each state across the country.  We’ll help you to identify the closest Recycling Center in your area that has Demolition and Construction Recycling Infrastructure. This decreases general landfill waste and improves the environment.


Simply mulch untreated BARK HOUSE® POPLAR PRODUCTS and allow them to add biological nutrients back in the soil.

Bark House Recycles

Bark House has a free 1 hour AIA CEU credit course in Architectural Record


Awarded at the regenerative Business Summit led by Carol Sanford.  Carol is on a mission to create a better world, and she believes that business can and will play a major role in accomplishing that.


Root Cause recognizes local businesses doing good in forestry that also support and strengthen communities in Western North Carolina.

Loggers peeling bark from a poplar tree to sell to Bark House
“Bark siding is a material with a 100 year plus tradition. It has continuity in time. To people that are not from this area, it sounds exotic and unusual but that is the genius of place. It is a part of the fabric of architecture in the mountains. It is different from the outside, but rich in tradition locally. Today people are looking for maintenance free siding options. Bark is maintenance free and a quality product. It provides the best of both worlds. Another point is the initial cost of the product is recaptured when you look at product life‐cycle costs. This is a timeless product.”
Jeff Harbinson, AIA
Harbinson and Associates, Architects, PC
Winston-Salem, NC


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"Quality is not a goal here… It’s a way of life."

Marty McCurry